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October 27th, 2019

Lol. Well played, HBO
Be the Valley

The final season of Silicon Valley premiered last night, and in classic form, the title sequence was updated to reflect tech’s ever-shifting culture. 👀

When the series premiered in 2014, showrunners Mike Judge and Alec Berg worked with the LA-based design firm  yU+co to create the title sequence. Over the years, the 10-second clip has been updated to include the rise and fall of a Napster balloon, Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp and Oculus, Amazon drones delivering champagne bottles, Soylent trucks, Tesla semi-trucks, a Lyft balloon inflating and colliding with an Uber balloon, and the Facebook logo briefly turning into Cyrillic alphabet to spell out “ГДÇЭБФФЖ" (a cheeky nod to the Facebook scandal around the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election). 

Over the weekend, HBO rolled out a title sequence generator so everyone can get in on the fun. The website lets you put two words (your name, your company, whatever) into the title sequence, which then show up in big red letters where the show’s name usually is. You can then download your creation as an image or a video (see ours above).

This isn’t the first time Silicon Valley (the show) has nailed it’s content marketing. Two years ago, Jian-Yang joined Product Hunt to launch Not Hotdog, an app that can tell hotdogs from...not hotdogs. The app was based off of a subplot in the show, where the character Jian-Yang managed to get $200,000 in funding for his “Shazam for food” app called SeeFood. Last year, the show made real pizza deliveries based on a fake app called “Sliceline.” The pizza was delicious. 🍕


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