Product Hunt Daily Digest
April 3rd, 2017

Introducing: Product Hunt Stories
Best of April Fools 😜
Today we're excited to launch Product Hunt Stories, an innovative new story telling format on the web. Credit goes to Stories as a Service, which lets you add Stories to your website with one line of code.

April Fools is an opportunity for companies to test out features 'as a joke' that they may actually want to do. So lets take a moment to run through some of the best April Fools/potential product launches from over the weekend, and announce the winner of April Fools:

• Google Maps lets you play Ms. Pac-Man right inside Maps
• Yo came back from the dead to launch Yo Stories
• Duolingo created the first ever emoji language course
• PitchFriendly announced Pitch Drone (pitch reporters via drone)
• Google launched Gnome, the Google Home for your yard

The winner of April Fools 2017 goes to Snapchat. Their 1-day only Instagram filter clone set a new standard for well-played April Fools jokes that actually work. 
We're taking over Manhattan with TechCrunch! Come join us this Thursday for a startup-themed trivia night. Jordan Crook is hosting, and there will be prizes (and surprises).
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