Product Hunt Daily Digest
December 12th, 2018

The next Warby Parker
Check out Bevel

Five years ago, Tristan Walker launched Bevel out of frustrations with existing razor options for men of color on the market. The ultimate goal was to build a Proctor & Gamble for people of color. Yesterday, Proctor & Gamble bought it.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but journos are speculating that P&G paid somewhere between $20-$40 million, a sign that the 180+ year old consumer goods company plans to invest more into other (non white) segments of the market. And they’re not the only ones.

Inclusivity-first direct-to-consumer brands that — by definition — want to appeal to different cultural needs are making waves.

King Children ($2M raised) combines 3D printing with AR to create custom eyewear that fits every face shape and size. We wrote about how they could be the next Warby Parker. Or Casper. Or Glossier. 👓

Tinted is a beauty platform and retailer focused on brown women. It already has over 50K followers on Instagram. 💄

Lively ($15.3M raised) and ThirdLove ($13.6M raised) are are building bras for every size of woman.👙

Mayvenn is a startup that reinvented the distribution channel for hair extensions. 💁

Billie ($6M raised) is a female-first shaving company. 🛀

Eloquii (acquired by Walmart) is a clothing brand for women sizes 14-24. 🙌

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