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January 3rd, 2023


“2022 will go down as the worst year for U.S. IPOs since 1990,” says Axios. 😼

Oh, well. On Twitter, we're burying our heads in the sand and talking about who to watch in 2023.

Height’s newest launch brings Figma into the fold

If you’re planning on making 2023 the year of efficiency, then preventing communication breakdown should be up there on your list of priorities.

We’ve all been there, especially those of us in remote work. With a growing list of project management tools, it’s not long until comments start appearing in the wild, ideas go missing, and feedback is lost to an empty void.

Height, the project management tool which aims to unite every aspect of the company into one utopian, cross-functional paradise, is taking its next step by launching its Figma plugin.

The buzz on Height: We first saw Height in September of 2021. It launched public access in step with announcing a $14M Series A and a few of its biggest customers, like Fivetran and Mighty. The makers are Stripe mafia, i.e. early Stripe employees who worked on products like Stripe Checkout and the iOS app.

Height uses spreadsheets as the default paradigm, and its focus is breaking down silos between projects and teams. Since its 2021 launch, the team has been regularly shipping new features including no-code automations and task forms.

How does the Figma plugin work? The Height plugin has one main goal: to keep everyone on the same page when it comes to design. With the Height integration installed, communication becomes quite automated. Comments are cross posted from Figma to Height tasks, design updates are shared with the team in one click, and you can even track to-dos right inside Figma.

As one commenter said, “There ain't a great project mgmt interface to interact with work on Figma. Good that someone is taking it up.”

Manage your Figma designs
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Penpot brings design freedom to product teams

Collaboration between designers and developers can get messy. Penpot is a multiplayer, open-source design platform that makes it easy for everyone on your team to be part of the design process.

Open source +  SVG and web standards = zero vendor lock-in. Penpot also offers cloud and self-host service, giving your team absolute freedom. 

Bye-bye, design silos. 👋

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