Product Hunt Daily Digest
May 19th, 2022

Organizing visual inspiration with moodboards

Moodboarding is the grown-up version of cutting up magazine images and creating collages, right? That’s if you don’t consider the formatting, sizing, and background removal.

Those were some of the troubles this maker went through that made her decide to build, a moodboarding tool for creatives of all sorts. “I was working on an interior design project and collating my ideas in... Google Slides! It certainly was NOT fun seeing how much time I was wasting,” she shares.

What’s really cool about is it lets you create right away. No sign-up or unnecessary onboarding. The tool offers an infinite canvas where you can upload images. It also tidies up your boards with three automatic layouts: cluster, rows, and columns.

The background removing option seems to be popular as well, just like the many tools we’ve recently seen launch – ClipDrop and Magic Retouch to name a few.

If our spec-cat-ular moodboard got your creative juices flowing, here’s a few more new design tools that you might want to consider:

Miro Two-Way Integration lets you sync Miro cards to tasks in other apps like Asana, Trello, Jira, automatically.

OpenGrph is a lightweight canvas for creating cover images and open-graphs for your blogs and videos.

Visily helps non-designers create web and mobile app mockups using templates and components.

If you’re looking for your next creative challenge, we’ve covered 3D design tools here and alternatives to Canva and Figma here.

Make a moodboard 🎨
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  • 150+ Startup Cards to help you learn and understand startup jargon.

  • Voicy is the GIPHY of audio. The tool lets you discover, create, and share iconic sound clips and sound effects.

  • HairCare App provides personalized hair care advice based on your hair and scalp. Hair on fleek.

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