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May 4th, 2022

Data makes the world go round

So you want to be a data-led or data-driven company? You go Glen Coco. Let’s forget about the semantic differences between the two for now. The point is, decisions that are guided by data are often better than a hunch. The hard part of making sense of the numbers — they’re everywhere.

ChartHop launched today to help distributed teams visualize their people data. Kind of like a people analytics platform. The app connects data from sources like Carta, Gusto, and Slack to create a dynamic organization chart, an employee directory, as well as announcements for birthdays and anniversaries. “You can get started in minutes by syncing directly with your payroll system or importing your data via spreadsheet,” wrote founder Ian White, who previously co-founded Sailthru and Startdog Ventures.

Also keeping visualizations and collaboration at the forefront, Outcode’s dashboard enables teams to create landing pages from data like monthly active users, revenue, and customer feedback. The no-code data page integrates with various applications to create automated workflows for actions like sending promo codes and emails to segments of users.

After being nominated for this year’s Golden Kitty Award for best SaaS product, June’s newest launch brings product-led analytics across all teams. “Everyone, not only PMs, should be empowered to understand how the product is actually being used. Engineers, designers, marketers, success, and sales all want and need to know that they are working on what really matters,” one of the makers shared. The app connects to your Segment account and instantly generates metrics from user behavior data.

Directus 9 made a splash last week when it launched Directus Cloud, a data-stack (as-a-service) that turns SQL databases into no-code apps and APIs, in the cloud.

You’ve now got the tools…

Got data?
  • Stripe launched a Plaid competitor. Stripe Financial Connections allows users to securely share financial data to streamline payments, reduce fraud, underwrite risk, and build new products.

  • Open Stickers is an open-source collection of illustrations “full of love and sunshine.”

  • Storii helps collect your family's memories using prompts that can be recorded during phone calls. Those then get transcribed so you can share them with your family.

  • Looking to break into VC? Check out Venture Capital Careers for jobs, internships, and fund overviews.

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