Marketing automation personalized for each individual

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Lukas Fittl
Lukas FittlHunter@lukasfittl · Product Hunt
I'm currently researching interesting marketing automation products - this has been one of the many recommended ones. If someone has experiences to share, let me know :-)
Alex Sharp -
Alex Sharp - followreset.comPro@ajsharp · Founder @followresetapp
Not great. Used them a few years ago, had to integrate with their service. Some things to note: the product API is pretty cool -- basically you stick a tracking pixel on all your product pages and that powers personalized email campaigns based on browsing history. That was pretty novel at the time, though I'm sure other vendors have caught up by now. Templating: at the time, non-existent. API: at the time, poorly documented, hastily designed (eg not even remotely familiar or restful), and difficult to reason about. Getting answers to "how do I do x" with the API was a real treat. Sailthru has a heavy-handed account manager culture: they control all communication. Trying to get on a 30 minute skype with a developer who we were paying (they sell consulting services to code your email templates) was like pulling teeth. Our account manager was adamant about relaying questions through her, and when I could finally get a Dev on a call, our account manager sat in on it. My overall vibe was that sailthru was a marketing / sales driven company who hired some cheap devs to build their embarrassingly outdated API. It also struck me as pretty expensive for what we were getting. If I had a need for their services again, I'd look high and low for another vendor before considering sailthru again. Hope that's helpful.
Lukas Fittl
Lukas FittlHunter@lukasfittl · Product Hunt
@ajsharp Thanks for sharing your experience, thats very helpful! I hope (for them) that this has improved since then - if you have any other similar tools you can recommend, let me know :)
Eric Porres
Eric PorresMakerHiring@eporres · CMO, Sailthru
Hi Alex (@ajsharp), thanks for your perspective. Per your LinkedIn profile it looks like you worked at Zaarly through October 2013, a full two years ago. A two-year old perspective on any company that spends tens of thousands of engineering hours per year on capabilities is like rendering judgement on a two-year iPhone or Android device. Zaarly remains a current customer of Sailthru. I can't speak to what purported issues you had at the time, but we have a restful API and I'd be happy to put you or anyone on the @producthunt team in touch with current customers regarding your comments. Heavy-handed account management is also an odd complaint. It's a place where we normally receive praise, and we have dedicated account managers to be the project management shepherds for our customers for implementation, follow-up, questions, enhancements, etc. Again, I'd be happy to put you in touch with current customers who can speak to these elements. And more recently (last week), we announced a host of new capabilities: I hope that this provides a more comprehensive perspective on Sailthru's capabilities.