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April 14th, 2022

Is the workplace missing more audio?

If you scroll Instagram or TikTok for 20 minutes, you'll probably come across a post or two pitting generation against generation. In the workplace, stereotypical differences between Gen Z and Millennials present Gen Zers as… let’s say experts in setting work-life boundaries, while Millennials (and older generations) are more in the “call me anytime” camp.

But younger professionals probably have more in common than they think, and one of those similarities is a love for digital audio. Last year a Spotify study showed that 69% of millennials and 61% of Gen Zs think audio formats are one of the greatest ways to tell stories.

Though Slack Huddles and audio rooms have made it easier to chat with colleagues and network, Giide’s launch reminded us that audio hasn’t totally infiltrated our work communications — yet. The tool offers a new way to present to your team using images, video, questions, and interactive audio.

“I knew that businesses needed to learn to communicate with Millennials and Gen Z the way they've learned to consume information. Fifty-page PDFs, whitepapers, hours of video, reports, or long presentations weren't going to cut it,” wrote Giide co-founder Allison Kent-Smith.

Inserting audio on Giide's no-code platform offers flexibility. If you want a polished sound you can upload existing audio (maybe using a tool like Podcastle to clean up your sound first), or you can simply speak into your phone or desktop mic and start recording. One commenter surfaced that Giide’s audio capabilities could also offer a better way to communicate with those who have visual impairments.

The competition over who gets to power your pitch deck has really heated up over the last few years. Pitch has grown to serve tens of thousands of teams, while Canva and Adobe took bigger steps into the space last year. Newcomer Tome made a splash on its launch day last month, too.

Do you think audio is the secret to keeping your co-workers' attention? Here’s one way to find out.

Present with audio
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