Product Hunt Weekly Digest
April 3rd, 2022

The Web3 job hunt

Employers are still struggling to fill jobs and retain employees and it looks like some of those just entering the workforce are ditching suits for the metaverse.

There are at least a couple reasons why people are interested in switching to a career in Web3. One is that Web3 provides younger candidates the opportunity to become an expert without the need for decades of experience. Another? It pays WELL. “Regardless if you like it or not, Web3 is easily 2x to 5x what Silicon Valley pays,” NomadList founder shared after coming across a $750k/year job posting.

Last week we saw the launch of Hustleverse, a community that wants to help engineers, designers, marketers, PMs, and community managers in Web2 onboard and transition their careers to Web3. “We’ll host events with Web3 founders and builders to teach community members about Web3 tools and career opportunities. We’ll also facilitate high-level peer networking to help members build their network,” maker and Creative Director at early-stage VC Hustle Fund, Hung Pham, shares.

If you’re still on the fence about this Web3 thing, you can also window shop. Web3 Jobs has 15,256 jobs and 2,231 projects listed that you can browse. You can also sign up to receive a daily or weekly round-up of new jobs added. You know, just in case.

Hunted takes a slightly different approach. It connects you with Web3 startups that can commit to your desired salary. You get to stay anonymous until you interview and earn NFTs along the way.

CryptoMarry wants to rethink commitment. The website lets you register your union on-chain, mint an NFT marriage certificate, create your own family DAO, and manage joint crypto assets.

In case of divorce, crypto assets are split equally between partners.

To web3 weddings
  • Morsel lets you digitally create your family’s recipe book for generations to come.

  • Common Room helps you understand and measure how your community programs are performing.

  •'s platform allows developers to buy and sell electronic devices using their Github accounts.

  • Retro is a collection of 90’s-inspired 3D illustrations of iconic electronic items that you can use for your design projects.