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March 6th, 2022

10 problems solved by Everything as a Service

Sorry Dunkin’ but America’s not runnin’ on your coffee. It’s running on XaaS.

Same with the rest of the world. The global anything and Everything as a Service market is expected to grow from $419.02 billion in 2021 to $2,384.12 billion by 2028, according to Fortune Business Insights.

XaaS refers to the subscription-based business model of offering all sorts of products and tech over the internet, but we probably don’t have to tell you that. Harvard Business Review notes that over 84% of global smartphone users already know what it is. The pandemic increased our love of XaaS and there’s plenty to love as it speeds up progress on anything from sustainability to AI.

As techie nerds, we’re always eager to see which services startups are tackling now, and we thought you would be too. Here are 10 unique problems being tackled by XaaS:

  • Snippyly and Liveblocks help devs build real-time multiplayer experiences into their software
  • Identance, Persona, and Passbase simplify the complicated process of identity verification
  • Terra connects users' wearables and sensor data to apps with an API or widget
  • Convoy built an open-source webhooks service to combat fragmented implementations
  • Duffel Payments helps travel companies sell flights from their products
  • Nyckel and anon let companies integrate machine learning without ML experts
  • Climatiq makes it easy for companies to calculate their carbon emissions
  • Subspace introduced low-latency, real-time internet for verticals (like gaming) that need fast speeds
  • Angle Audio helps makers add audio rooms into their product with ease
  • Asserto lets devs add authorization capabilities in a fraction of the time it would take to build it by hand
To speedy authorization

The maker, investor, and benevolent tweeter behind the parody-account @BoredElonMusk is launching a collection of “no-loss” arcade games starting with MetaMars.

No-loss means that everyone gets to play for free, but the best players get rewarded. In this case, that will be the space cadets that master the harsh Martian landscape.

To the Red Planet
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  • The makers behind Loops are launching some Cool Things™ for startups. Submit your startup TODAY only — they’ll be randomly choosing 60 to feature on a billboard in Times Square.
  • Mockover lets you turn any image into a custom mockup, so you can turn that cool Unsplash model into a model for your T-shirt, for instance.
  • Lunar released an update to its tool that lets you control every aspect of your external monitors.
  • Atlas brings together session recordings, bugs, and outbound emails into a single, all-in-one customer support tool.