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Hey Product Hunt! 👋 I’m Nathan and I work at Hiive. Companies increasingly take longer to IPO, meaning it can often take more than 10 years for early startup employees to generate income from their hard-earned equity. Hiive is a marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of pre-IPO company stock, helping you unlock the value of your shares, on your terms. For venture investors, Hiive offers access to over 1,000 high-growth companies before they go public. You can view listings for most of the world’s fastest growing startups and bid in real-time on shares in companies normally accessible only by the world’s premiere VCs. And today we're launching the Hiive50: The Hiive50 is an index of the fifty most actively traded stocks on our platform, acting as a powerful indicator of the direction and momentum of the pre-IPO market. It brings transparency and insights, and may help you make decisions on whether to buy, sell, or hold on to your startup equity. Key features of Hiive50 include: 📈 Updated Daily: Daily index values are recalculated hourly and reconstituted quarterly, giving you an up-to-date view of market trends and movements. 🔍 Based on Real User Activity: The index is based on real closed transactions, ensuring a reliable measure of actual pre-IPO market activity on Hiive. 🏢 Company by Company Analysis: Each company within the Hiive50 can be viewed in detail to see that company’s stock price trend over time. Best of all, you can check the site to gauge the value of your equity in just a few clicks! We’re excited to empower you with the data and tools to navigate the startup market effectively. We’re eager to hear your thoughts and feedback. Cheers, Nathan
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Love that we can just use the tool right from the webpage without needing to register or anything. It's pretty smooth too - well done and congrats @unable0! Any plans on making this into an assistant for meetings as well?
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I loled at Mark Zuckerberg not beating the joy of calling your mom. Very true. I lost at 3 points trying to beat Diamond!
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