[ChangeLog] November 23, 2022 release notes: activity feed, mobile updates, and featured makers

Jamie Sprowl
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Activity feed

Remember that interesting discussion you were involved in last month that you’re not able to find anymore? Now your profile displays a complete activity feed showing your latest comments, reviews, and discussions in chronological order. You can also view other people’s activity feeds, so you can see what your favorite PH’ers have been up to.

Mobile updates

5.3.0 for iOS and Android released late last week! The app updates included a way to view and edit collections, an updated change log in your settings, and my personal favorite… a fun animation to celebrate your latest streak! Fun fact: the best all-time streak is 385 days, and it's a three way tie between @jun_gong, @pradeeb28 and @ankitsharmaofficial!

Featured makers

Last, but not least - you may have noticed some new friendly-faces in your home feed.

👋 @csaba_kissi, @andrianv and @marclou

There’s no shortage of awesome people in this community, and we want to make sure you’re getting connected with some of the best! If you’ve been feeling like there’s just something missing from this community, a good next step is getting connected with a few more people.

We'd love your feedback

We're running a community survey for the next week, and would love to hear from you. Complete the survey and leave your email address for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. Your honest feedback is greatly appreciated!