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You Don't Need WordPress

You Don't Need WordPress alternatives and competitors

Create A blog with just Google Docs for free. Integrate directly with Google Drive. Work from your phone or computer.

Top alternatives for You Don't Need WordPress

Zendesk for Startups
CX software that grows as you go.
  • Notion 2.0

    Notion is the all-in-one workspace. From notes, tasks, wikis, to database, Notion is all you need. Works great for teams and individuals. Available in the browser, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

    I have used notion sometimes for note making, and it's pretty simple & easy to use.
  • Ghost 2.0

    A powerful new editor, multi-language support, custom homepages, dynamic routes, custom structures and much more. Ghost 2.0 is an upgrade which is focused on power and flexibility.

    Ghost is the fastest and cleanest blog platform available now. Not just the blog layouts are minimal, functional and clean, the dashboard it…

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  • Sheet 2 Site

    Sheet 2 Site is a website generator that making beautiful site from Google Sheets

    Playing with this right now....awesome little tool...great job.

  • Caramella

    Caramella is a modern, easy and stylish blogging platform (And website maker) that lets you share impressive posts easily! Just drag & drop few widgets into a template, fill it and post!

    Good luck

  • Nocode

    Publish fast, secure & easy to manage websites built from your Google Docs. You can use Nocode for your Blog, Product Documentation, Portfolio or Company Intranet. Basically, you can publish anything.
  • Airtext

    Airtext is a platform to create your own decentralized blog with one click. It is powered by Blockstack — a new internet for decentralized apps that you access through the Blockstack Browser.

    My Chrome browser is in quite a state for having installed Blockstack. The install directions don't fully install. Hunters beware.

  • Telescope

    Telescope is a writing and publishing platform. It offers a beautiful and minimal text editor, it doesn't ask your personal details, it features a bunch of cool content distribution mechanisms, and fast and nice-looking content pages.
  • Bloggi 1.0

    5.0★3 reviews
    Free options
    Bloggi is a simple blogging platform that lets you focus on writing and takes care of everything else for you.
  • Matcha

    Matcha makes it easy to create a best-in-class blog to attract, nurture, and retain customers. Instantly publish content from our library of 10,000+ premium articles, grow your email list with locked content, and optimize for more subscribers and sales.
  • Txt.fyi

    The dumbest publishing platform on the web
  • Telepost

    💀️ UPDATE: The project is closed, see this tweet for more details: https://twitter.com/kossnocorp/status/1168802272916201472 💀

    Telepost generates a blog from a Telegram channel

    I was looking for such product since I started my Telegram channel one year ago. Never had discipline to cross post to multiple mediums (Tel…

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  • Proseful

    Proseful is a simple blogging platform, designed to help you stay focused and showcase your content in style.

    Congrats on building this! 🙌

  • Typlog

    A blogging and postcast hosting platform with minimal design but powerful features.
  • ImportDoc

    ImportDoc lets you use the content from any Google Doc in a web page. Simply add a document to the service, and you will be given HTML code to paste into your website. When you edit your Google Doc, changes go live instantly.
  • Notepin 2.0

    Notepin is a platform to write beautiful notes ✍️

    - No signup required 👀

    - Create a blog with your own custom domain 📚

  • Writt

    Writt lets you make and share notes, right from Telegram.

    Have used this product for few a days now and seems like the thing I always wanted but didn't know.

    You can quickly take notes and say "/d…

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  • Papyras

    Why you should have a blog in Papyras?
    1. You can host it in your own domain for free.
    2. It has blog editor, email collectors, forms, analytics.
    3. We are regularly adding free themes.
    4. It takes only 5 minutes to set up.
    5. Whole thing is free!
  • Blogody

    5.0★5 reviews
    Free options
    Create and publish your blogs easier, faster and more secure. Publish on a global CDN edge in seconds. Say goodbye to slow sites or long build times. Regain control over your publication data and copyrights: You own your own words - with Blogody.
  • Graphite Publishing

    Graphite Publishing is a decentralized blogging platform. You do not have to rely on the apps you use to store data on your behalf. Choose your own storage provider and start owning your writing with Graphite Publishing.

  • Wordpress2Gatsby

    Migrate from Wordpress to Gatsby without pain!

    Huge community is migrating from Wordpress to Gatsby, especially developers. In order to migrate with ease and out of my pain I created this tool.

    With gatsby-wordpress-migrate you can convert all your wordpress posts and download all the images to gatsby-blog compatible in a fraction of a command.

    I'm gonna migrate my wordpress blog to Gatsby soon 🤘