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The best alternatives to Blogody are You Don't Need WordPress, Notelet, and Bloggi. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Blogody
  • Create A blog with just Google Docs for free. Integrate directly with Google Drive. Work from your phone or computer.

  • Write in Notion, publish to the web. Add custom domain, analytics, themes and more.

  • Focus on writing and not on dealing with complicated blogging software. Publish on your own domain, in your own way, and own your work.

  • Matcha is a turnkey content solution that helps resource-strapped marketers to sustainably acquire, engage, and retain more customers. The Matcha platform is the easiest way to create an ecommerce blog that attracts new audiences, grows your email list, and influences online sales.

  • 💀️ UPDATE: The project is closed, see this tweet for more details: https://twitter.com/kossnocorp/status/1168802272916201472 💀 Telepost generates a blog from a Telegram channel

  • If you've always wanted an app for your blog, but couldn't justify the investment, we have an exciting new option for you. We’re excited to introduce App Spot - make an app for your blog, on the spot. Here’s why you should consider App Spot: #1: Native App for Blog #2: Your Blog needs an app #3: No Coding, No App Management, No Bug Fixing

  • TgGram is blog platform for Telegram. It’s simple, just add the bot to your public channel, as administrator, with minimal rights - and it’s done! Write something to channel, and you blog channelname.tggram.com - will be created.

  • Create a beautiful ebook from blog posts in seconds

  • Create a blog with one text message (seriously)

  • EasyTravelShare lets you create a personal travel one-page blog in just a minute! You can use this to keep your friends and family up-to-date about your travels. No coding required and works with all kinds of cool features out of the box!

  • How to choose your niche & create a profitable blog