Alternative products to Visual Marketing Automation

6 alternative and related products to Visual Marketing Automation

Visual Marketing Automation

An insanely fast automation builder by ConvertKit

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Behavior-based customer journeys for your SaaS

Plainflow is the simplest way for SaaS companies to integrate services and create behavioural based customer journeys.

Leonardo- founder and
Founder of Plainflow here (recently launched on PH). Plainflow is something we specifically built for behavioral-based journeys for SaaS. We designed it from the ground to support a number of integrations [0] including emails, slack, clearbit and many others. We do support different env but not customizable headers. If you'd like to check the product out… See more
Plainflow Blog | About SaaS product and marketing
It gives you a realistic idea of how rapidly the marketing and sales technology landscape has evolved over the last 5 years and how tough the competition has become. Every product that is able to affect the customer's experience is - in some way competing.
Data - especially if it can tell us anything about the habits and preferences of our customers and targets - offers a world of opportunity. But only if we can harness it. The explosion of data has lead some of the best marketing teams to flip their funnels upside down and directly target the people and companies most likely to buy their products.
8 Alternatives to Plainflow


Save 💰 cleaning inactive members from Mailchimp on autopilot

Save money keeping your Mailchimp list lean and nimble while unsubscribing inactive members.

Soapchimp removes inactive subscribers from Mailchimp maintaining your lists just with active members, don't waste money with inactive subscribers.

Thoughts on Email Marketing
With the constantly decrease of reach, engagement and the inestable future for brands on social media, email marketing it's redefining itself as a high valuable marketing channel for marketers. It's a unique push channel where you can reach one on one with your audience and capture the attention of your prospects if you are using it ...
Thoughts on Email Marketing
What have in common growth hacking, growth marketing or viral growth? All hype terms once adopted by growth hack gurus and the digital marketing industry but, have you asked yourself... But... Why do I need email marketing growth hacks? Marketers are constantly focused about the number: fans, followers, comments, likes, SUBSCRIBERS, but in most ...
4 Alternatives to SoapChimp
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