Alternative products to User Onboarding

21 alternative and related products to User Onboarding

User Onboarding
Onboarding teardowns of popular sites/services
21 Alternatives to User Onboarding

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Mila Chervenkova💪
Mila Chervenkova💪- Test More Than I Consume 🔥🔥🔥
We use AppCues too. So far, we have tested many on-boarding scenarios, and we have been able to achieve a 75% completion rate, where one of our on-boarding scenarios includes actions from the users.
Tony Freed
Tony Freed- Customer Activation Specialist
Market leaders. Great and stable product.
Sungho Yahng
Sungho Yahng- LearnObit
User guide feature
6 Alternatives to Appcues 2.0

Guide users through your product to turn new sign-ups into successful customers. Product Tours are perfect for product onboarding, new feature announcements, and proactive support. Best of all, Product Tours works with the rest of Intercom!

Around the web
Retention is the new growth, but how do you get there? The answer is onboarding. Onboarding lets you connect the dots for your customers at key moments, so they find more value in your product. And, customers who see added value, will buy your product time and time again.
Inside Intercom
Main illustration: Tim Gilligan There's a pattern that's all too common in our industry - you build a rock-solid product, spend a lot of cash and effort attracting people to discover that product, but then fall down at the crucial point of helping your customers actually find value.
4 Alternatives to Product Tours by Intercom

A lightweight engine to drive user's focus across the page

A lightweight (~4kb gzipped) yet powerful JavaScript engine that helps you drive the user's focus on page. Some sample use-cases can be creating powerful feature introductions, call-to-action components, focus shifters etc.

Driver is compatible with all the major browsers and can be used for any of your overlay needs. Feature introductions, focus shifters, call-to-action are just a few examples.

🔆 Highlight any (literally any) item on page

✋ Block user interactions

📣 Create feature introductions

👓 Add focus shifters for users

🛠️ Highly customizable – Use it anywhere for overlay

⌨️ User Friendly – Controllable by keys

🆓 MIT Licensed – Free for personal and commercial use

🕊️ Lightweight – Only ~4kb when gzipped

🌀 Consistent behavior across all major browsers

Scott Brownlee
Scott Brownlee- middlespot
If you can work with a bit of code, it's a pretty great free solution. Walks any user through your featureset.
13 Alternatives to Driver.js

UserGuiding is the number one user onboarding tool you can create quick, hassle-free, and interactive guides for users to discover your product.

Alptekin- Product Designer
Best noCode tool
Mert Aktas
Mert Aktas- Growth at UserGuiding.
UserGuiding is the most non-technical friendly tool with affordable pricing.
Around the web
Customers, especially paid ones, want to reach their goals as quickly as possible. They want to have a magic wand that can turn SaaS into the desired result by clicking a single button. However, in reality, they should first understand how your product is working in general, then they should learn the features they want to use.
Today, SaaS is more complicated in order to meet technological needs. That means using user onboarding tools to improve product usage and making it easier is a must rather than a choice. As with every other particular mission in digital products, designing and creating perfect user guides requires much time and effort.
12 Alternatives to UserGuiding

Create and sell guided programs to your followers.

Guidable is an app (iOS and Android) that helps experts create and sell guided programs to their followers.

Around the web
Hey world, over the past year I've been working on an app in my spare time: Guidable. Guidable helps experts create and sell guided programs. Let's say you are an expert at cooking simple, healthy meals. With Guidable, you can create a guided step-by-step program that teaches others how to "Cook 30 easy recipes in 30 days"- a sell it for a few bucks.
15 Alternatives to Guidable

The onboarding & help experience your users deserve. 🤔👉💡

Add easy to use and meaningful interactive tours to your web app in minutes. HelpHero provides you with a platform for creating great onboarding experiences without requiring engineering input.

Jennifer Tee
Jennifer Tee
Great tool for creating great onboarding experiences and driving feature adoption on websites.
10 Alternatives to HelpHero

Create slick diagrams and collaborate with your team

Diagramiq is the perfect tool to capture and connect your ideas into beautiful diagrams with unbeatable speed and ease. It offers a great collection of shape libraries with virtually unlimited styling options, and with real time collaboration and integrated chat your whole team can work together on any project.

Flavius Matis
Flavius Matis- Product designer
You should try Diagramiq if you're looking for something intuitive and flexible but very powerful at the same time.
Flavius Matis
Flavius Matis- Product designer
You should try Diagramiq. It's a web based app with a wide-range of predefined shapes for UML, Flowcharts and a lot of other diagrams.
Flavius Matis
Flavius Matis- Product designer
It's blazing fast, intuitive and it has a wide-range of predefined shapes to get you started.
3 Alternatives to Diagramiq

Jumpstart your Slack onboarding with this bot 🤖

Hello Product Hunters !

We've built this simple Slack bot to automatize the on-boarding of new team members. It is helpful to companies and thematic group owners on the collaborative platform

Axel :

-Asks every new member to introduce himself

-Shares a welcome pack with him

The set up takes 3' and is made through slack by talking to the bot

21 Alternatives to Axel
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