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Todoist Foundations
A faster and more intuitive way to get things done ✨
Todoist Foundations is the fastest, most intuitive, most reliable Todoist yet. ✨
Stay organized with new features like Sections and Task View; Save time with improved Quick Add and Completed Tasks; And enjoy a snappier UX thanks to under-the-hood updates.
goormIDE 2.0
Full-featured Cloud IDE for developers and teams
17 Alternatives to Todoist Foundations
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We all are guilty of downloading a productivity app with every intention of finally getting our lives together. We set goals and reminders, only for them to fall on the back burner shortly after. What we all need is a personal coach who understands our busy schedules and keeps us motivated.
Have you noticed how the more important a decision, the more our brains seem to overanalyse every detail and leave us incapable of picking a clear 'best option'? That's because our minds are not good at dealing with just the facts, and are instead susceptible to emotions and prejudices.
iPhone apps that could be life changing -- in terms of accomplishing your big life goals, better understanding the world around you, being more productive an...
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Wikipedia is an award-winning all-in-one productivity platform designed to help people and teams stay organized and get more done. started as a to-do list and task list app in November 2011 on Android followed by complementary apps for iOS and Chrome.
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Microsoft today has officially unveiled an all-new version of its To Do application as it continues to integrate features of the Wunderlist platform it acquired in 2015. The company touts that the new To Do application is a major upgrade, with a new design, deeper integration with other platforms, and more.
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There's good news and bad news for fans of the Wunderlist to-do list app today. The bad news is the Microsoft-owned app is still being shut down. The good news is its successor looks an awful lot like the original.
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