Alternative products to Thank You, Open Source

12 alternative and related products to Thank You, Open Source

Thank You, Open Source

Write a thank you letter to your favor open source project!

12 Alternatives to Thank You, Open Source

Get beautiful open source UI components weekly

Stylepill is the best place to host all your UI components (you can re-download at any time). You can also feed you personal repository with another users' components.

We're working on a closed beta, making the repository with our early subscribers. But if you want access, let us know, we'll gladly give it to you.

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We're Rosita and Sergio, an ordinary couple. We met 10 years ago, studying Systems Engineering at a relatively non-prestigious University. We don't have a huge list of contacts. We have very few friends because we aren't a conventional couple - we're hippies who love to travel.
13 Alternatives to Stylepill

Thank the open source maintainers you depend on! 🙌✨

"Put your money where your love is." – The Grateful Dead

Open source maintainers do the work that makes our awesome apps, websites, and projects possible! Many authors devote countless hours to open source. Let's help out authors and make the software we rely on healthier at the same time!

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🙌 Just released a CLI tool called `thanks` to help you thank the open source maintainers you depend on! ✨ 1. Run 'npx thanks' in your project 2. See which of your dependencies are seeking donations! 💸 🌟 Open source authors, add yourself to the list: See more
Just posted this to @ProductHunt to get it in front of makers who use Open Source in their products. Check it out: See more
@feross I love this so much omg
@feross This is incredible 🙌
@feross This is super cool! Thanks for making it 🙌
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