Alternative products to Stripe Radar 2.0

6 alternative and related products to Stripe Radar 2.0

Stripe Radar 2.0
Improved fraud prevention with Radar 2.0

We launched Radar in 2016 to help protect our users from fraud. We’ve continuously invested in our fraud prevention tools, we’re excited to launch the result of those efforts.

We’ve also honed features to be even more useful to fraud professionals, built new features, and packaged them all together in a new bundle called Radar for Fraud Teams.

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6 Alternatives to Stripe Radar 2.0

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One Design Company
When we started out, we expected integrating ACH (automated clearing house, or electronic funds transfer) payments into a web app to be relatively straightforward. Stripe provides great documentation to guide you through the process. It seems easy enough to request a user's bank info, wait for a couple of micro-deposits, confirm those deposits, and then issu… See more
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Introducing Stripe Chargeback Protection:
🛡️ Avoid the unpredictability of fraudulent disputes
👛 Get reimbursed for the disputed amount and dispute fee
🙅 Forget about evidence submission

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Stripe, the payments company, announced Monday (June 2) the launch of Chargeback Protection, a new service that provides customers with machine learning-based fraud protection. In a press release, Stripe said the new tool is based on Radar, its tool that prevents fraud and protects against future chargebacks.
@Stripe introduces Chargeback Protection: 👛 Stripe pays the disputed amount and dispute fee 🙅 You don't need to submit evidence anymore I calculated and it costs me 33% less to pay 0.4% extra per payment than to pay the chargeback disputes
Wow-Stripe's new 'chargeback protection' is a godsend for anyone who never wants to deal with trying to win a credit card dispute again.
Payments processing company Stripe is now offering a chargeback protection service to prevent businesses from incurring costs from fraud disputes. Built on Stripe's machine learning-based fraud prevention tool Radar, the chargeback service offers automatic reimbursement for the cost of a disputed charge and any associated fees.
7 Alternatives to Stripe Chargeback Protection
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