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Startup Launch List

A​rticles you need to read before launching a startup.

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Startup Toolkit

Interactive how-to guides to launch your startup

Leonardo M Jaques- Social Media Enthusiastic
This one as a startup pick. Very interesting posts :)
Victor Teslenko
Hi, everyone! Big thanks to @kwdinc for featuring us! In Casual, we create technologies that build bridges between learning and doing. Startup Toolkit is a bundle of amazing how-to guides for startups. Each guide is not just a piece of text. It comes as a three-in-one: a detailed article, a visual step-by-step workflow, and a ready-to-use project plan.… See more
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App Launch Checklist

Planning tool for launching your app successfully

Mada Seghete- Founder, Branch Metrics
Hi everyone! When launching our first app, Kindred my co-founders and I discovered that growth was difficult, despite being featured in the App/Play Store. Sure, there was an initial surge, but how could we sustain and improve growth? We built this tool from our learnings and the learnings from our customers and we hope you find it helpful whether you are … See more
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Startup Fundraising

A collection of tools & resources for startup fundraising

John Ababseh- Epiphany Enthusiast
This is a good collection of tools for fundraising you can checkout
Jack Kaufman- Entrepreneur
Thanks for hunting this, @bnjmnlbr! I'm the maker of Startup Fundraising. It has more than 200 resources that will help you learn how to raise funding for your startup. If you have any questions about this directory I'd be more than happy to answer them!
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The Ultimate Product Hunt Launch Checklist

Everything you need to do for a perfect launch on PH

Tim Herbig- Director Iridion
Hello, Product Hunters! While there are already some publications around Product Hunt in general, I wanted to create a concise power tool for product people which specifically provides everything needed a perfect launch of your product on PH. Let me know what you think of it, how this list influences your thoughts on launching on PH and what you're maybe mi… See more
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The Business Academy

Learn how to start, build and grow your own business

Josh Pigford- Founder of Baremetrics, maker of beards.
I've been business-ing for the better part of a decade and if I've learned anything in that time it's that I know very little. There are so many facets of business that I just know very little about and I've benefited immensely from the content others have put out to help me learn how to not be terrible at building businesses (though I guess the jury is stil… See more
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Mike Gatward-
@rutgerteunissen Hi Rutger, thanks for the feedback. I get where you're coming from. I often try and find a short article to read while I eat, and then get into something a bit more meaty once i've finished eating. Our aim is to showcase a wide variety of resources, of different lengths as well (our current list ranges from 3 minutes all the way up to 56 min… See more
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Knowledge community of over 1 million startup founders

Wil Schroter- Founder + CEO,
Really excited to share our first step toward building out the community. When we were building this site we thought about many of you on PH and other forums where Founders come together to share what they are working on. While there's always a lot of glory around getting big headlines and landing huge funding rounds, our site and our community… See more
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40 Day Startup 2.0

From Idea to Launch in 40 Days, without knowing how to code.

Scrivs- Creation Scientist, Makers Mob
Thanks for the hunt, Martin! When I did the original 40 Day Startup I really didn't know what to expect. It has been a fun journey building a startup live in front of 100 people. Along the way a powerful community formed and I got to understand the struggles that prevent people from launching on their own. A lot of people had ideas, but they felt their inab… See more
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Index of best articles to build & grow your startup

Arun Agrahri- VP Engineering of Twine -
Thanks for the hunt Benji! I'd love to hear your thoughts and I’m here to answer any questions. Radium is an index of the best articles to build and grow your startup. It already indexes 2,500+ articles (and growing every week) on topics including product, design, growth, fundraising, mobile, leadership, etc I built Radium to bring all my favorite content … See more
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