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The best alternatives to Smoothie are IdeasAI, The 25 Days of Ideas, and Company in a Box. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 20 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Smoothie
  • This is my first app powered by OpenAI. It uses an autoregressive language model w/ deep learning to generate new product and business ideas. I hope you like it and get inspired!

  • Free resources for coming up with startup ideas

  • Company in a Box is a GPT-3 powered tool that creates compelling landing pages for your startup idea in seconds. Vet more ideas, focus on the ones that stick, and start collecting leads! Coming soon: deploy ads...

  • Nugget emails you a new business idea every single day. Real business ideas, from real people willing to pay to have their problem solved.

  • Unicorner is the startup newsletter that breaks down and sends one up-and-coming early-stage startup to your inbox every Monday morning. We tell you about innovative giants like Netflix, Uber, and Airbnb before...

  • A weekly newsletter full of crazy startup ideas and the research on why they might actually work.

  • I love generating ideas with GPT-3 and I had an idea to feed it with products created by the top (and my favorite) makers and then I told it to predict what their next projects will be. I thought the results we...

  • A mailing-list has the big advantage of helping to make it more regular. A list of hundreds of places gets quickly frustrating and won't be completed, believe me.

  • Trend brainstorms, deep dives into different ecosystem (including case studies and gaps in the market analyses), expert interviews, and niche market data to help founders and investors spot opportunities.

  • Ever wondered if your idea is actually worth it?

  • The dull side of the internet (weekly newsletter)

  • The minimalist publishing platform for photographers and creators. Moul offers a user-friendly platform for photographers and storytellers to showcase their work and build their audience.

  • One Year Wiser is a free newsletter that has interviews with founders and product leaders one year after their product launch. Hear directly from founders about what really happens after launch day and the work...

  • Turn your transactional emails into marketing opportunities.

  • PencilBooth provides artists with a beautiful, image-led template that’s easy to use and simple to send. No algorithm, no app, just a visual snapshot of what you’ve been up to, delighting your subscribers each ...

  • Used by professional screenwriters and amateur podcasters alike, Prewrite is an app that makes it easy for any creator to unlock the science and benefit of great storytelling, no matter the medium.

  • We are building the future of organic growth for SaaS businesses.

  • A carefully curated selection of the most useful online resources for self-improvement and productivity. Every Sunday in your inbox.

  • Mzungu is a newsletter written by M. E. Rothwell that covers the people, history, art, architecture, and general scrapes he encounters on the road. Past pieces include playing ball with Maasai Warriors and Hall...