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Shopping on Instagram

The new way to shop, from your feed

15 alternative and related products to Shopping on Instagram

Thread Genius API

Search Instagram photos containing any product 🔍

Thread Genius is a visual search API for style-focused applications.

We enable developers to build more intuitive experiences for discovering visual content.

Grab a free API key from our website and get started in a matter of seconds.

Our story started when one of us had been gifted a rather interesting piece of clothing: With such a unique item at hand, two thoughts initially came to mind: Huh. What do people even wear with this?
The entrepreneurs in the Techstars NYC program are going to spend today meeting with investors, reporters and other folks from the tech industry - but luckily, I had a chance to do rapid-fire interviews with most of them on Tuesday.
5 Alternatives to Thread Genius API

Tap Bio

Control where you send your followers on Instagram

Tap Bio is a mini-website, in story form, that you make and manage on your phone, inside Instagram. With Tap Bio, anyone using Instagram to build their business--whether with a personal account or a business account--now has full control over where they’re pointing their followers, so that more become buyers, readers, subscribers, and supporters.

You only get one link on Instagram, but Tap Bio lets you point that to a customized landing page full of all the sites you want to share. Rather than constantly change your Instagram profile URL, you can easily add slides equipped with links to your Tap Bio corresponding to your latest Instagram posts.
4 Alternatives to Tap Bio

Boxed | Group Ordering

Group ordering, online shopping just got social

Boxed | Group Ordering

People love sharing their opinions about what to buy online -- what if they could share a cart instead? Crowdsource snacks for the office. Stock the apartment without fighting over who forgot the toilet paper. Let your partner add their favorites while you add yours. Group Ordering by Boxed makes online shopping easy. Simply create a Group Order, then send the unique link to friends and family so they can add what they want. Only you can check out.

Learn more:

iOS App:

8 Alternatives to Boxed | Group Ordering

Link My Photos

Add shoppable links to your Instagram photos

Instagram photos and captions are currently not clickable. The only place where you can add a link to your website is through the URL in your Instagram bio. Link My Photos is the ultimate destination for your Instagram bio, automatically displaying your clickable or shoppable photos. Now you can schedule, track, and sell your stuff on Instagram.

5 Alternatives to Link My Photos


Fashion discounts gathered in your size

Shopping for fashion sales online requires repetitive searching and filtering across multiple stores—at the right times. Forager solves this problem by automatically gathering for you fashion items on sale from thousands of stores—catered to your size, favorite brands, styles and other preferences.

9 Alternatives to Forager

Ideally 3.0

Shopping app with a sale assistant for thousands of brands.

Major overhaul with the v3 releases. Ideally is the only shopping app you'll ever need - thousands of brands/retailers, free shipping, and free returns!

Easily "Buy Now" within the app, heart products to create a curated Idea List, or add to your Sale Assistant. The platform tracks prices and promos, automatically buying when there's a sale.

8 Alternatives to Ideally 3.0


Unique stores for the authentic shopper

Chopit is the first mobile marketplace for local shops where users can discover new products, receive discounts and stay updated on what’s happening. Buy directly through the app then pick up or get your purchases delivered directly to your home!

Chopit se empezó a gestar en mayo de 2016 y lanzaron el MVP en septiembre, que les sirvió para testear el producto con tiendas Actualmente tienen 10.000 usuarios y 1.000 tiendas en Barcelona Chopit es una startup que nace con la voluntad de poner la tecnología al servicio del comercio para ayudar a las tiendas a promocionarse digitalmente y vender sus produc… See more
eCommerce 360º
En el artículo de hoy, queremos hablaros de Chopit, una aplicación para móviles que permite vender productos a las empresas que no disponen de tiendas online, u otras opciones de venta online.
Distribución Actualidad
Retail Omnicanal para pymes y menos pymes. Con esta filosofía nacióen septiembre de 2016 y ya cuenta con 1.000 tiendas, 12.000 productos y está en su segunda ronda de inversión. Se trata de una aplicación móvil gratuita que permite al usuario comprar en el comercio de proximidad.
La Vanguardia
MADRID, 13 (Portaltic/EP) Una 'startup' barcelonesa ha creado Chopit, una aplicación para 'smartphones' en la que puede se navegar en un escaparate de más de 10.000 productos disponibles en los pequeños comercios locales que no disponen de venta 'online'. Por el momento la 'app' está disponible solamente en la ciudad de Barcelona.
Hello and happy Monday, Wow, what a weekend! Spain and Catalonia certainly have a lot to talk about and we hope that dialogue is pursued over any physical confrontation. On a positive note, Ouishare Fest Barcelona is returning to town on 15-17 November for its third edition, to bring together leaders from the sharing economy sector.
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