Alternative products to Ship While You Sleep

4 alternative and related products to Ship While You Sleep

Ship While You Sleep

A book on how to work more effectively w/ freelance devs

4 Alternatives to Ship While You Sleep

Sleep Better, Beat Jet Lag, Get More Energy!

AYO is the world's most advanced light-based wearable for improving sleep, boosting energy, and beating jet lag, by regulating our body clock.

Our mission is to help people feel energized in a natural way so they can enjoy healthier, happier and more active lives.

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Tired? Of course you are. According to an amazing array of studies, we're all a lot more exhausted than we used to be. Blame our modern lifestyle, experts say, with our decreased activity levels, insufficient time outdoors exposed to daylight and increased screen time.
Looking for an awesome gift for your special somebody or rather yourself? There's nothing wrong with that, after all, you deserve to treat yo' self! There's no need to fret while everybody is out and about worrying about what to get that special nerd in your life.
Michael Kummer
When you travel long distances on an airplane, it is common to struggle with adjusting your body's circadian rhythm to the new time zone. Most travelers commonly refer to that phenomenon as jet lag. In this article, I will introduce you to AYO, an exciting new gadget that promises to help you overcome jet lag much quicker.
If you have trouble sleeping, it could be caused -- at least in part -- by using your electronic device too close to bedtime. That's because these devices emit short-wavelength-enriched light that has a higher concentration of blue tones than natural light does. Study after study has shown that blue light can impact melatonin production and sleep.
8 Alternatives to AYO

The ultimate sleep cycle app for Apple Watch

Ever feel like you’re sleepwalking through the day? Meet SleepX - the sleep monitoring app specifically designed for Apple Watch users to help you track your sleep patterns, gain better understanding of your sleep, and ultimately take your energy to another level.

Antonio Dimas
Antonio Dimas- Growth Hacker | E-commerce Entrepreneur
Great product, I’ve been trying this out for a few days and I love the ability to glance at my remaining energy levels in the morning. Very attractive app design too
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With global sales expected to grow by an average of 20 percent each year over the next five years, the wearables market is taking the world by storm. With over 243 million unit sales expected by 2022, smartwatches are leading the way, with the Apple Watch anticipated to be the frontrunner in this new and...
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6 Alternatives to SleepX for iOS
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