Alternative products to SendOut (for Medium)

3 alternative and related products to SendOut (for Medium)

SendOut (for Medium)
Email automation for Medium writers and publications
3 Alternatives to SendOut (for Medium)

Request to contribute to Medium publications with 1-click

Smedian is where thousands of writers go to request to contribute to new, fast growing, and some of the largest Medium publications. Over the last 3 years, Smedian has helped thousands of writers join publications and helped publications grow substantially.

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The best feature of Smedian, to me, is the ability to easily contribute to publications. I'm not about to give you a guided tour of how to do this, but if you navigate over to their " Contribute " page, you'll see a list of about 350+ publications you can easily request to contribute to using a small green button.
6 Alternatives to Smedian
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