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Scale Image Recognition API

API for image recognition, powered by humans

10 alternative and related products to Scale Image Recognition API

Let's Enhance

Image upscaling supercharged

Let'sEnhance uses machine learning to enhance low resolution JPEG images, boosting resolution 4x times

Let's Enhance is a new free website that uses neural networks to upscale your photos in a way Photoshop can't. It magically boosts and enhances your photo resolution like something straight out of CSI. The service is designed to be minimalist and extremely easy to use.
You know how in CSI, the cops always try to "enhance" a shot to zoom in and read (non-existent) details in photos? It's amusing to the rest of us, but perhaps one day won't be all that impossible, with artificial intelligence.
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On Monday of this week I jokingly tweeted that I decided to build a "Off-White" inspired camera web app / object classifier using IBM Watson's image recognition software. If you aren't hip to the joke, "Off-White" is a fashion brand and they like to sell items which are labeled in "HELVETICA BOLD." Turns out it works well as a exploration tool too.

4 Alternatives to "CAMERA"

Viro Image Recognition

Add image/marker recognition to your AR apps with Viro

Bring movie posters to life. Turn logos into interactive experiences. Viro just keeps helping devs make the real world richer. I'm excited to play with the AR apps people start cranking out with Viro. Also, it's free.

VR & AR App Development Blog - Viro Media
Viro's mission is to enable AR/VR everywhere by building the tools developers need to create amazing apps. The more we understand the real world, the better our AR experiences will become. Image recognition is a big step toward unlocking new use cases for AR and we are excited to bring this feature to ARCore/Android.
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