Alternative products to React Bootstrap Material UI Kit

12 alternative and related products to React Bootstrap Material UI Kit

React Bootstrap Material UI Kit
Free UI Kit built with React, Bootstrap 4 & Material Design

Based on the latest Bootstrap 4 and React 15.6.1. Absolutely no jQuery:

- 400+ material UI elements

- 600+ material icons

- 74 CSS animations

- SASS files

- detailed documentation

- dedicated support forum

- free for personal & commercial use

- fully responsive

- easy to use and customize

..and many more

12 Alternatives to React Bootstrap Material UI Kit

Now UI Kit is a responsive Bootstrap 4 kit provided for free by Invision and Creative Tim. It is a beautiful cross-platform UI kit featuring over 50 elements and 3 templates.

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You can build some incredible stuff with Bootstrap. If you search the web, you'll find hundreds of code snippets, addons, and starter templates to help you craft amazing layouts. But the default Bootstrap design is dull and overused. Why not ...
27 Alternatives to Now UI Kit

Framer X, a powerful new product that seamlessly blends design and development. Coming Fall 2018.

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Brennon Denny
Brennon Denny
Framer X is a great design tool and gives you a introduction to React by allowing you to create and see interactive components and ui elements
Brennon Denny
Brennon Denny
Gives you all the traditional prototyping and wire framing tools in an amazing package plus React
Even though this is not released yet I wanted to add it to your list. I would have put Sketch in here if the case for FramerX wasn't so compelling.
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Learn more about Framer X, a new product launching this fall.
17 Alternatives to Framer X

Shards UI Kit is a free, modern and lightweight UI toolkit based on Bootstrap 4 that comes packed with 2 extra pre-built landing pages and 11 custom components that you can use to kick-off your next project.

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There are many UI kits, including free ones. Designrevision's Shards still sticks out of the masses, as it is not only free but also very considerable and modern. Shards is the first product by Designrevision. Behind that name, there's the "design-focused software developer" (self-description) Catalin Vasile.
Since its launch, there was a lot of confusion and debate around Shards' license and the restrictions it imposed that disappointed many people willing to adopt and use it in their projects. We heard you! Licenses that create uncertainty and prevent people from using libraries like Shards are not following or promoting any of the open source principles.
22 Alternatives to Shards UI Kit

Material Dashboard is a Free Bootstrap 4 Admin built on top of Material Kit ( It is Open Source released under MIT License so you can use it for personal and commercial projects without any issue.

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However, my point was that many applications, due to laziness of designers and/or programmers, play an animation and then begin to execute the work requested. The facile argument made by these designers is that the animation is relatively brief-say 300ms-so it's not a "big deal."
11 Alternatives to Material Dashboard v2

Startup and SaaS Business Focused UI Kit based on Bootstrap 4 for quality and faster UI development. Ayro UI comes with 400+ UI elements, 150+ sections, essential pages and all you need to build full-featured user interfaces.

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Long-scrolling One Pager promoting a startup and SaaS focused UI kit titled Ayro UI. The Landing Page does quite a good job listing all the elements clearly. Also neat touch with the typewriter-effect into copy, emphasizing the kit is multi-use covering several industries.
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GrayGrids twitter logo Updated on ・6 min readThe Blog post about Best Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kits For Startup And SaaS Businesses. The quality of websites and apps you design depends entirely on the nature and quality of tools you use. Scratching designs on a piece of paper and going back to the basics is a classic choice.
8 Alternatives to Ayro UI

Gridbox is a simplest visual interface builder for css frameworks. Supports Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, Foundation 6

Ramakrishna Anand
Ramakrishna Anand
Supercharge your Bootstrap & HTML Prototypes Faster
Ramakrishna Anand
Ramakrishna Anand
Gridbox is a Powerful Visual HTML Builder which features a super simple drag and drop interface, with a rich library of prebuilt Bootstrap and HTML 5 elements that lets you create html pages faster. Note: Gridbox is not a Landing Page Builder, it is a visual html prototyping tool. However you can easily design Landing Pages using Bootstrap 4 Components / … See more
Ramakrishna Anand
Ramakrishna Anand
Gridbox is a Powerful Visual HTML Builder which features a super simple drag and drop interface, with a rich library of prebuilt Bootstrap and HTML 5 elements that lets you create html pages faster. Why Gridbox? 1) Visually Design the HTML Page without touching CSS. 2) Readymade Bootstrap 4 Components 3) Edit the Code with integrated Code Editor 4) Expor… See more
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Gridbox Blog
Welcome to the January 2018 release of Gridbox. The focus this month was on product performance, improving stability and usability. Here are some of the release highlights: Performance - Improved product overall performance and speed. Improved Node Inspector - For selecting nested elements. GIF Support - Now you can upload GIF Images + Increased file ...
9 Alternatives to Gridbox v1.0
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