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Postal alternatives and competitors

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Open source mail delivery platform
Top Postal alternatives
MicroMRR by MicroAcquire
Free valuations and analytics for your SaaS startup
  • Mailivery makes sure your sales emails land in your prospects inboxes more often. We send AI-generated emails to our inboxes, then take them out of spam, mark them as trusted, and respond back to you.
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  • Mailook

    9 reviews
    Mailook helps you to identify & fix your email deliverability issues in an easy way, for free 👀
    Avoid your emails landing in spam thanks to Mailook, the email deliverability checker. Get your deliverability score & follow our guides to improve it! 🎉
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  • Sidemail is the all‑in‑one email toolkit (API, newsletters, and more) that we wish existed for our previous SaaS startup — gives you head start, helps you follow the best practices, and is simple to work with.
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  • WP Email Delivery

    Managed email delivery for WordPress
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  • YaySMTP

    This plugin helps you send emails from your WordPress website via your preferred SMTP server.
    YaySMTP is built with powerful options to connect via API to some popular sending services including Gmail, Zoho, SendGrid, SMTP.com, Amazon SES and so on.
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  • Pepipost

    Email delivery platform. Pay for unopened emails only.
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  • Flowmailer

    Make sure your emails arrive on time with our reliable and fast email delivery platform. With <1 second to the inbox and 99,8% delivery rate, Flowmailer is the #1 SMTP provider when you need your emails delivered.
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  • Go Mail

    Go Mail aims to unify multiple popular mail APIs into a singular, easy to use interface. Featuring Mailgun, Postal, Postmark, SendGrid, SparkPost & SMTP. Email sending is seriously simple and lightweight with no direct dependencies.
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