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Podcasting on SoundCloud

Now anyone can host a podcast on SoundCloud

15 alternative and related products to Podcasting on SoundCloud

Anchor 3.0

The easiest way to make a podcast. Ever.

Welcome to Anchor 3.0: the easiest way to make a podcast. Ever.

Business Insider
Making a professional-sounding podcast isn't easy. Most podcasting how-to guides recommend investing in equipment like microphones, audio-editing software, and portable recorders, not to mention a computer. From there, you'll need to learn a set of new software programs and then hunt down a place to host and distribute your podcast.
The Verge
If you've always wanted to start a podcast, Anchor's new update is for you. The shortform audio app is fully embracing podcasting today with the launch of Anchor 3.0, which includes a redesigned app, the service's debut on the web, and tools to distribute a show and track its success.
To that end, Anchor 3.0 for iOS and Android is an app for recording first and foremost; consuming short broadcasts from your friends is definitely taking a backseat now. For starters, users can record multiple bits of audio and create a library to build out a finished product.
With nearly 70 million Americans now listening monthly, podcasts have officially crossed over into the mainstream. Yet like radio, podcasts are incredibly difficult to make, distribute, promote, and monetize. Despite the increasing demand, expensive tools, confusing software, and fragmented, friction-filled workflows have held creators back.
New York-based audio startup Anchor unveiled a new version of its podcast creation app Thursday that aims to bridge the divide between amateur audio recording and professional podcast creation. In addition to revamped versions of its Android and iOS apps, Anchor also unveiled a new web ab as well as free, unlimited podcast hosting.
Broadcasting app Anchor, which helps anyone record and share audio, is relaunching its app today with a new focus on serving the larger podcaster community.
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A special place for your podcasts

Agora is a podcast player that allows you to manage your content easily, stay tuned to each new update of your subscriptions and expand your catalogue discovering new content, but this is not everything: Proximity sensor, iCloud backup, timer, speed control, rich notifications, customization...

Spencer Camp
✨With a stunning UI, Agora makes podcasting beautiful again. It's among a growing trend of podcast apps that optimize for design rather than experience; but I can appreciate that because the podcast app is becoming the new art canvas. ✨
Just launched, design is a charm, UX's a cookie, great podcast player. Not perfect but very very promising
6 Alternatives to Agora
Adrian Speyer- Head of Community @vanilla
If you are doing any recording, that you need high quality, this is a must have!
Adrian Speyer- Head of Community @vanilla
Really recommend for this. I've been very happy with the quality.
Kevin Mandeville- Produt Manager, Litmus
Automatically compiles all guest audio for you and does post-processing too. Even has a soundboard for sound effects. Couldn't live without this (we use it for
2 Alternatives to Zencastr


New podcast at the junction of tech, pop culture & life ✌️

Techish is a new podcast by us - Michael, founder of POCIT and Abadesi, founder of Hustle Crew - all about the intersection of tech, pop culture and life.

Each week we cover the latest:

Winners 🥇

Losers 📉

Changemakers 👨‍💻👨‍💻

And debate about how tech is affecting our lives and futures 👽

11 Alternatives to Techish

What's the best place to host podcast?

Vikash Rungta#Product #Marketing #Tech #AI
Podcasting on SoundCloud - Now anyone can host a podcast on SoundCloud
"I've been using SoundCloud for podcasting for years. It was easy to set up and manage and gives me exposure to the growing community on SC.… See more

What is the best chrome extension/ web app to record and download audio?

samAssistant Principal. Father of twins.
Podcasting on SoundCloud - Now anyone can host a podcast on SoundCloud
"Why not just use Soundcloud's podcast functionality?"
Roll Call - Free and reliable audio calls for everyone
"Best browser based :)"

If you were to create a new podcast, what infrastructure would you use?

Chris MessinaProduct designer & entrepreneur
Podcasting on SoundCloud - Now anyone can host a podcast on SoundCloud
"While certainly a controversial choice among the podcasting community, I suggest SoundCloud. I did a 6-month podcast called Beyond Tweeti… See more

What are the best tools to publish a podcast?

Azhar Bande-Ali
Anchor 2.0 - Make audio Stories, with voice, music, clips, and call-ins
"You'll be able to do a lot of great things with Anchor, but the monetization piece would be separate. After you build an audience, you coul… See more
Podcasting on SoundCloud - Now anyone can host a podcast on SoundCloud
"Soundclouds a great platform for publishing podcasts!"
🎧 ZCast 3.0 - HD Audio - Full HD audio podcasts from your phone or web browser
"ZCast 3.0 launched today! It's the simplest way to host, publish & market a podcast from the web or your iPhone. Definitely should chec… See more
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