Alternative products to Onboarding by HCM Deck

8 alternative and related products to Onboarding by HCM Deck

Onboarding by HCM Deck
Automate the employee onboarding process

HCM Deck is a learning & development platform that helps modern organizations and managers plan, manage and support employees' growth, improve competencies and boost motivation and engagement in the team.

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8 Alternatives to Onboarding by HCM Deck

Guide users through your product to turn new sign-ups into successful customers. Product Tours are perfect for product onboarding, new feature announcements, and proactive support. Best of all, Product Tours works with the rest of Intercom!

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Main illustration: Tim Gilligan There's a pattern that's all too common in our industry - you build a rock-solid product, spend a lot of cash and effort attracting people to discover that product, but then fall down at the crucial point of helping your customers actually find value.
Retention is the new growth, but how do you get there? The answer is onboarding. Onboarding lets you connect the dots for your customers at key moments, so they find more value in your product. And, customers who see added value, will buy your product time and time again.
4 Alternatives to Product Tours by Intercom

Justin Mitchell
We use this at SoFriendly if anyone has any questions. I have some strong opinions about the experience thus far
Ben Lang
Parker Conrad, founder of Zenefits, recently launched his new company Rippling. Their platform automates all the paperwork, user accounts and hardware installations for new hires.
Fred Rivett
I've not used this, but I've had thoughts before about how poor the employee onboarding process is and how it could be better. Rippling is everything I wanted to build and far more. One of my favourite new startups.
23 Alternatives to Employee Onboarding by Rippling

Rai Medeiros
scale sales training for teams so you can grow grow grow!
J Marciniak
I have not personally used it and don't know about it's wiki functions. But I like the process approach of It also has slack integration”
11 Alternatives to WorkRamp
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