Alternative products to On-demand Bank Transfers by Dwolla

5 alternative and related products to On-demand Bank Transfers by Dwolla

On-demand Bank Transfers by Dwolla

Collect variable payments from a payer’s bank account

On-demand bank transfers are perfect for companies with usage-based business models, such as utilities or advertising platforms. No other third-party gateways or merchant accounts required, just your Dwolla integration and payer authorization.

5 Alternatives to On-demand Bank Transfers by Dwolla

Accept bank payments with a few lines of code.

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One Design Company
When we started out, we expected integrating ACH (automated clearing house, or electronic funds transfer) payments into a web app to be relatively straightforward. Stripe provides great documentation to guide you through the process. It seems easy enough to request a user's bank info, wait for a couple of micro-deposits, confirm those deposits, and then issu… See more
17 Alternatives to ACH payments with Stripe

Simple invoicing & ACH payments for freelancers

Romain Lapeyre
Romain Lapeyre- Co-founder @Gorgiasio
Bonsai came strongly recommended by a few friends. Their whole solution is well integrated with payments and contracts and I think it’s free for freelancers (couldn’t find any information on it though).
Paul Garreth
Paul Garreth- Content Strategist / Writer in NYC
Bonsai has been amazing for me. Definitely the best product out here.
Amy Mitchell
Amy Mitchell- Systems Consultant
I love Bonsai for contracts, proposals and invoicing. They have a simple beautiful interface and are constantly releasing new features and are always checking in to see what else I need for my business.
20 Alternatives to Bonsai Payments v2

Auto transfer surplus funds without stretching your balance

Astra is the first to offer Sweep Transfers directly to consumers. Typically only available through private banking, “sweeps” automatically move funds from one account to another based on a predefined balance. Sweeps are just the latest advanced banking feature we are making available to everyone!

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Astra is a mobile app that helps consumers optimize their cash flow through automated bank transfers. Today, Astra announced the unprecedented release of "sweep" transfer functionality. Typically only available through private banking to high net worth individuals, "sweep" transfers automatically move funds from one account to another based on a predefined b… See more
We recently announced the launch of Sweep Transfers in the Astra app (release v1.1.0), which marks the first time this advanced banking feature is directly available to consumers! Since "sweeps" are typically only available via private banking accounts, we thought we should share a little more about why we've developed them for Astra, outline how ...
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4 Alternatives to Sweep Transfers for Astra
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