Alternative products to Mixmax 2.0

5 alternative and related products to Mixmax 2.0

Mixmax 2.0
Email tools to help you sell, succeed, and hire easier.

Mixmax 2.0 has a new, blazing-fast email editor with slash command access to all the apps you use daily. It also has full compatibility with any other Chrome extensions (👋 Grammarly and Loom fans). And much more.

5 Alternatives to Mixmax 2.0

Sales Assistant powered by AI

Edward works in the background on a mobile phone, listening to events such as phone calls, meetings or e-mails. In their context, he generates intelligent notifications and reminders.

The assistant automates the most typical activities related to creating summary notes or setting subsequent steps related to the sales process.

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We all remember those visits at the grandma's house when we couldn't possibly eat any more food but we forced another portion of cheesecake or egg salad. Granny could easily smash any objections you had and she didn't care about your arguments that your tummy was full and you couldn't even fit breadcrumbs in there.
Medium works on top of current data, integrating seamlessly into existing processes to help manage sales customers and pipeline. It supports old legacy software with an easy to use, intuitive interface.\nEdward complements traditional PULL software model - which requires to take action by user.
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An AI Salesforce assistant for sales reps

Deelo is an artificial intelligent Salesforce Assistant that can increase the productivity of sales reps by 33% and helps them to close 25% more deals. It analyzes their Salesforce data and is able to provide them with intelligent actionable insights, alerts, and suggestions to help them to sell more efficiently.

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