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Lookmark 2.4

Track updates from the apps you've bookmarked on iTunes

Lookmark is a smart way to bookmark iTunes content. Apps, movies, music, books and more on your iPhone and computer.

This new feature lets you track and get notified of app updates for iOS and Mac apps.

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All in one bookmark manager become even better

Shae- Visual Design Strategist
I use this pretty much ALL the time, super handy way to bookmark everything in life on the web, on my phone, and devices. Plus they are always developing and making it better, really a nifty little tool and I love it!
philipptemmel- ✌🏼Founder @dyfemagazine | Design Student
I use raindrop for Mac (they also have a webapp and Browser extensions). It is super simple to use and so powerful! You can create collections and keep all your bookmarks nice and organized. And yes, it is free ;) there is also a pro plan with even more features.
Chevy- Audiovisual and Multimedia Communicator
Hands down the best bookmark manager around. It is available on every single platform, including web browser extensions. It's also visually attractive, with a lot of tools and it's free! You can choose to pay for additional tools though.
It's very difficult to imagine a world without bookmarks. Besides the built-in bookmark option in you web browser, there is a whole variety of services, such as Delicious, Pocket and Keeeb, that let you bookmark images, videos and other awesome things you find online.
Cult of Mac is a new bookmarking service for Mac and iOS, and the web, and Android. It lets you save your bookmarks into folders, known as Groups, and those bookmarks are then available from anywhere. The main selling point of seems to be the slick interface, and the myriad beautiful ways you can arrange the bookmarks therein.
NDTV is a beautiful, powerful - but also slightly confusing - bookmark manager. Most of us probably use the built-in bookmarks mangers on our browsers, but they are fairly limiting. For starters, even if you sync them across devices, your bookmarks are not accessible outside the browser.
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A powerful alternative to bookmarks.

Bookmarks are pretty terrible.

What if you want to save just a specific set of tabs (e.g. everything to the left or right of the current tab)?

What if you want a way to sort your tabs based on the domain name (e.g. view every tab you've ever saved from

These are the sort of advanced use cases that Freezetab was designed for.

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Bookmark OS 2.0

Powerful bookmark manager with AI and a browser-based GUI

Ole Keding- Innovation Manager, Pilot
Very simple and close to traditional bookmarking in browsers.
Kerry Bright
Really easy to use and intuitive interface that is also powerful.
Kerry Bright
I use a combo of Bookmark OS and Session Buddy to manage my tabs. You can highlight multiple bookmarks and open them all into different tabs in Bookmark OS which I find really useful
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Drastically decrease the time taken to organise bookmarks 📎

Significantly decreases the time it takes to save a bookmark to a desired folder.

*Setting up hotkeys is highly recommended*

Open the console and begin typing a folder name. When your target folder is selected press tab or enter to add a bookmark to it.

There are also 4 hot-keys that you can assign to folders for instant bookmarking.

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The fastest way to save links in the cloud

Max Yakin Bozek- Designer lovely UI, the minimalists' option.
Benjamin Powell- Founder & Startup Infomaniac
Super simple link saving tool, not much in the way of folder management but fast and easy.
Max Yakin Bozek- Designer lovely UI, maybe the minimalists' option.
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