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We created KiSSFLOW because we believe that people closest to the chaos know best about how to fix it. KiSSFLOW is an extremely easy-to-use, do-it-yourself workflow management software that allows you to discover, create, and modify business applications. You don't have to know coding or complex mapping to create workflows from scratch.

Top KiSSFLOW alternatives
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  • Workflow

    Automate things you do every day on your iPhone/iPad
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  • Shortcuts

    Siri Shortcuts deliver a quick way to get things done with your apps with just a tap or by asking Siri. The Shortcuts app enables you to create personal shortcuts with multiple steps from your favourite apps. Start from hundreds of examples in the Gallery or drag and drop to create your own.

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  • Paragon Connect allows developers to embed user-facing SaaS integrations into their product in minutes. Setup the Paragon SDK once and instantly integrate your product with popular SaaS apps like Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, JIRA, and more.
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  • Microsoft Flow

    Microsoft's version of IFTTT
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  • Process Street 2.0

    Simple workflow and task automation for teams
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  • Zapier for Teams 2.0

    Zapier for Teams: Shared Folders lets you collaborate with colleagues on any of your Zaps.

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  • Scriptable

    Scriptable's features include:

    Siri Shortcuts

    Run scripts from Siri Shortcuts. Present tables, websites, HTML and more in Siri.

    Native APIs

    Integrate with the native APIs of iOS directly from JavaScript.

    Share Sheet Extension

    Run a script from a share sheet and process the inputs.

    and so much more!

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  • Hexomatic

    7 reviews
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    Hexomatic is a no-code data extraction and work automation platform that enables you to harness the internet as your own data source and leverage ready made automations to delegate time consuming tasks.
    Brought to you by the team behind Hexometer & Hexowatch
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  • Pipedream

    Pipedream is an integration platform for developers. Develop any workflow, based on any trigger. Workflows are code, which you can run for free.
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  • With the new visual workflow designer you can integrate multiple tools and define and automate how data and information flows between them — no coding required. Gain visibility, align teams, and save time. With Unito, anyone can shape the flow of work.
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  • With CrowdSync, you can eliminate tedious and repetitive tasks with people by building easy workflows to automate and track people through any process! From onboarding 50 people into your class, to putting out a call for papers for your conference, put people through any process, with automated reminders and an instant glance at their progress.

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    Have wrangled complicated recruits for user research studies that involve everything from applications to consent forms to scheduling and th…

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  • Kotive

    Make-tasks-flow. Build & automate e-processes
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  • jebra

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    A data management software with 2 modules:
    (1) A data exchange that connects third-party APIs. This is used in-house now and soon for external developers.
    (2) An analytics workspace that enables the Jebra team to automate complex workflows.
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  • Touca

    1 review
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    Touca helps you compare different versions of your software workflows and identify differences in behavior and performance. Test your most complex software components with any number of real-world inputs to find the true impact of your daily code changes.
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  • Kianda

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    Kianda NoCode Business Process Automation Platform: Design & build great enterprise applications faster, without a single line of code. Digitise & optimise Business Processes in easy-to-use, drag-and-drop workflow designer and customisable report dashboards.
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