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Jane.ai alternatives and competitors

Jane.ai is an AI-Powered Teammate designed to Make Work Life Easier and More Productive

Top alternatives for Jane.ai

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  • Intercom Educate

    Let customers help themselves with a smarter knowledge base.

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  • Operator by Intercom

    Operator by Intercom is a customer service chatbot that handles simple tasks so you can focus on things only humans can do.

    Intercom seems to always add features around the same time that I begin to want them. This was something I had recently been looking into fo…

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  • DriftBot

    A chatbot for your knowledge base

    With DriftBot you can automate, qualify and help you site visitors 24/7 no humans involved. Gives your website superpowers!

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  • HelpCrunch Knowledge Base

    With Knowledge base πŸ“– in HelpCrunch you can:
    πŸ“š Create beautiful SEO-optimized help articles in minutes
    πŸ’¬ Send articles to customers and assist them further via chat
    🌟 Provide 5-star customer self-service and minimize your support volume.
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  • Faqbot 2.0

    We turn your FAQ page into a chatbot in minutes. Build your own chatbot with custom conversation flow for customer support, sales or lead generation purposes.

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  • Botdesk

    Turn your FAQs into a bot in 5 minutes

    Need slight improvement, overall very good AI product, can help in conversion

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  • Clippy for your website

    Clippy for your website is the best way to help your visitors. The same office assistant we all know and love is now available for your website – to help and direct your visitors to where they need to go.

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  • Document360

    Document360 is a self-service knowledge base software that helps to educate your customers about your product and reduce your support cost.
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  • FAQbot

    Transform passive FAQ to a conversational experience
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  • HelpSpace

    HelpSpace will simplify your support by piping all emails into a beautiful dashboard. You have multiple e-Mail addresses for different products? No problem, you can add multiple email channels and much more.
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  • QnA Maker

    QnA Maker is a tool from Microsoft that allows you to quickly build and train Q&A bots based off of webpages or documents.

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  • Zuzu AI

    Zuzu’s Gmail Add-On brings the knowledge to you. When you get an email from a customer, the Zuzu side panel will give you content recommendations based on customer questions.
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  • Dialogbar FAQ Bot

    The dialogbar FAQ-bot answers customer questions automatically. It uses the contents of your website, no setup neccessary!
    Increase customer satisfaction, save customer service costs and get valuable business insights from your customer's questions.
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  • Ivy Documents

    Ivy Documents is file management based on tags, instead of folders, with a host of document workflow tools like signatures, auto pdf conversion, expiration tracking and notifications, logs and metadata.
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  • TextChat for Shopify

    TextChat is a live chat tool that sends notifications to our users’ native texting app and links them to chat directly in their mobile browser of choice. If you can text, you can TextChat.
    Check out our launch video! --> https://bit.ly/2FyRrek
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  • Elloe

    Free options
    Elloe is a no-code platform to manage in the most efficient yet personal way messaging and selling to customers. We help businesses to know their customers and gather data that would otherwise be left unprocessed.
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