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6 alternative and related products to Instapaper 7

Cross-device bookmarking powered by artificial intelligence

Gary Ng- Code.
Using this.
Scott Williams- President, Emisare, Inc.
Stash is really solid for simple and elegant sharing of links and collection of links.
Jordan Schau- Founder, Pure Cycles
I really dig the content tagging automatically.
The internet bookmark aspires to be the digital equivalent of the sticky note you paste on an important page in a college textbook. But that's where the metaphor falls apart. If the internet is a college textbook, it's an infinitely dense one, where every chapter covers a different subject, and someone has stuck a sticky note on every page.
There are a number of ways to save links from the web for later access, whether that's marking articles to read later via apps like Instapaper or Pocket, pinning shopping inspiration to Pinterest, creating playlists on YouTube or even just using a browser's bookmarking feature.
Field Guide
Artificial intelligence is being used to power everything from messaging apps to Bluetooth speakers, so why not apply similar smarts to your web bookmarking service? That's the idea behind Stash, available for your phone and your browser, and here's how it works.
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Pocket for Web

Save things for later with Pocket, refreshed with a new look

Moak Designs- Internet Marketing Specialist
I love using this because it will save the permanent copy of the content even if the page no longer exists, they allow you to update the content within the pocket if you wanted updated version.
I love Pocket and use the Chrome extension on a daily basis. But beware, you may end up adding a lot (yes a loooot..) of articles which you can't read in one life term ;) . Be disciplined, add what you really want to read later and archive frequently to have a stress free reading experience
Emily Kellert- tech lover & travel freak
I can never read everything I see posted and with Pocket I can easily save with tags so I can find them at a later time.
22 Alternatives to Pocket for Web

Mercury Reader

Clear the clutter from your articles. Instantly.

Reony Tonneyck- Designer & EV Advocate
Very simple, effective, and light weight way to turn any web page into Reading Mode. A few customization features as well.
Charles Magnuson- Professional Consumer
Clears the clutter from disgusting-looking news websites so you can focus on the article.
Reader modes that remove various distractions from a website to give you a simple and clean reading experience can be found on browsers like Mozilla's Firefox and Apple's Safari. Read Also: How to Customize Firefox Reader View for Better Readability Curiously enough, while Chrome for Android does have a built-in reader mode of its own, Chrome for desktop doe… See more
Mercury Reader is a Chrome extension that makes websites and articles easier for students to read. This extension strips away ads which can be distraction and it pulls the information from an article into one simple and easy to read document.
Chrome: Even beyond ads, some websites are so cluttered with autoplay videos, sidebars, and other distractions, they make it hard to actually stick to the one thing you came to read: the post itself. Mercury Reader is a browser extension that cleans up your reading experience in Chrome.
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Save, share & discover text from your mobile

Quotle is an App using OCR to help user save and organize pieces of text they like and share them in an elegant way

Susanne Anders- musicologist
Very similar to Postepic ( You decide! :)
Quotle is an interesting beast. The best way to describe it could be that Quotle is a hybrid between OneShot and Instagram, but for book quotes. Available on iOS, it turns the good old habit of marking down quotes in a notebook into a social experience.
5 Alternatives to Quotle

What is the best universal bookmark manager?

Alexis Elias
Toby - Better Than Bookmarks
"I've only been using Toby on desktop but the way it allows you to organize your bookmarks and tabs is very innovative. Still some bugs but … See more 4.0 - All in one bookmark manager become even better
"Great Product, usable UI"
Pocket Premium - The most powerful Pocket yet.
"super addictive, great UI and it does the job - one of the best in it's category"

What products have you found on Product Hunt that changed :your life:, but outside of work?

Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréSaaS Consultant & Community Growth
Grammarly - Clear, effective, mistake-free writing.
"I've been using the chrome extension for a month now, and I can confirm it's actually pretty good. I'm not paying for premium (I use Heming… See more
Just Read - Reader view for Chrome
"Makes my reading minimal & simple and by extension, clearer thinking."
LastPass - Newly launched Mac OS X integration for password management
"Life changer. I have one password to remember now. Highly recommended."

What app do you use to read your newsletter in one place?

Iqbal Rafi
Reeder 3 - The best feed reader just got better
"This app has a great interface, is very simple & straight forward to use/set-up, just overall a great way to organize your RSS feeds!"
Flipboard 3.0 - Discover, collect and share all the news you care about
"Flipboard also helps me store the relevant articles that connect to topics that matter. I often teach, so I use this to pull relevant reso… See more
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