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  • Easily integrate a security policy on your website to showcase the security measures taken to protect your customers

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  • Marshal is a new online privacy tool that provides you with peace of mind by finding and alerting you to sensitive data – such as social security or credit card numbers – in your cloud services.

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    I'm not sure it got stuck or not because the progress bar looks like it grew a little tiny tinty bit and keep saying 1%

  • Signed Pages

    This extension helps increasing the security of web apps, and bringing it to almost that of native apps, by verifying the page's resources were signed by the developer.

    This extension therefore protects against a malicious (or hacked) server trying to steal your supposedly end-to-end encrypted data, or for example crypto-currency wallet.

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  • Security Planner

    Answer a few simple questions to get personalized online safety recommendations. It's confidential - no personal information is stored and it won't access any of your online accounts.

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  • The whitepaper β€œThe State Of WordPress Security in 2021” focuses on giving you information about the biggest problems in WordPress security in 2021.
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    Another great installment from Patchstack that helps everyone using WordPress understand the current state of security. I really appreciate …See more
  • paste 2 me

    I built this to send links and text to my Windows PC from a Macbook.

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