Alternative products to HireClub Coaching

11 alternative and related products to HireClub Coaching

HireClub Coaching
Career coaching to land your dream job

Our certified career coaches can help land your dream job with resume reviews, career planning, mock interviews, and more.

You get 30 minutes a month or more to chat with your coach and unlimited text messaging starting at just $89 when you subscribe.

Or you can book single sessions.

We've done over 500 coaching sessions with 95% 5 Star reviews.

11 Alternatives to HireClub Coaching

How to Build a Career in Tech, by Product Hunt is the first in a a series of eBooks we’ll be publishing, featuring the best advice from top founders, investors, best-selling authors, and world-changing leader who’ve been guests on Product Hunt LIVE.

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You asked this question at a great time! Product Hunt just came out with an amazing book for you. Insights from top founders and CXOs who've participated in LIVE chats here. Take a look, it's super nice! 👏👏👏
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Product Hunt
Over two years ago, we introduced Product Hunt LIVE to create a platform for the community to interact and learn from remarkable founders, investors, best-selling authors, and world-changing leaders...
Product Hunt
Surprise - Startup knowledge that doesn't run out of battery on Product Hunt
18 Alternatives to How to Build a Career in Tech, by Product Hunt

A timeline of success & failures of remarkable entrepreneurs

How did the greatest entrepreneurs start out? What were their biggest successes? What failures did they have to overcome along the way? We’ve charted the careers of 33 inspirational company founders, from the man behind Heinz beans to the woman behind Ultimo bras, to show that there’s more than one path to success.

12 Alternatives to The Careers of the Founders

Career coaching for students, free until you get a job 🎉

Pathrise is a career accelerator for students and new grads. Basically, we do everything in our power to help you land your dream job and do it all for free until you get hired.

This means: resume review, project development, lead generation, exclusive referrals, outreach tactics, technical practice, interview preparation, insider information, industry mentorship, negotiation advice, and unlimited, ad hoc, last minute anything to help you succeed.

13 Alternatives to Pathrise

An app that powers & scales the magic of coaching 💫

Sphere: an App that powers & scales the magic of coaching 💫 and makes the process of getting 1:1 Guidance more personalized, seamless, consistent and strategic.

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The Globe and Mail
When Devon Brooks was in her early 20s, she co-founded Blo Blow Dry Bar in Vancouver, a hair drying salon that was a fast success and grew rapidly. It was an intense time for Ms. Brooks, as she learned to lead on the job, and outside work she was embroiled in two legal cases that stemmed from a rape and an assault she suffered.
Uncategorized In today's episode, we are thrilled to be joined by serial entrepreneur and badass businesswoman, Devon Brooks. Devon started her entrepreneurial journey in her early 20s when she co-founded Blo, the world's first and largest franchise of blow-dry bars.
the Guardian
When Josh Dixon was excluded from school for antisocial behaviour, he thought the prospect of a happy life was over. He was in his mid-teens, after a period in which he had been bullied.
Version One
Entrepreneurship Angela Inspired by and having seen firsthand how our founders and CEOs have grown as a result of having an executive coach, I recently put out Bill Campbell's influence a call on Twitter for recommendations for coaches. I received a ton of recommendations (happy to share if you ping me) - thank you to everyone!
I'm on the hunt for an amazing coach for myself and the @hackeryou leadership team. Remote is fine. Please let me know if you have any recommendations for folks I should talk to!
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4 Alternatives to Sphere Guidance
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