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GreetBot alternatives and competitors

GreetBot is your onboarding assistant for Slack. In a few easy steps it helps you make your new teammates feel welcome and informed when they join your workspace.

Top alternatives for GreetBot

DigitalOcean Functions
Run functions on demand, scale automatically
  • WorkRamp

    Employee training platform with real-time analytics
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  • Donut for Onboarding

    Donut makes it easy to automate and customize onboarding journeys for new hires and stakeholders like managers and buddies. Increase productivity, decrease ramp time, and deliver an elevated experience right in Slack.

    I've been using the Pairing feature from Donut for over a year, as a great tool for the team to get to know each other. Adding onboarding is…

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  • Stiki

    Stiki gives teams a central location to capture and structure crucial company info. That way new hires can go to Stiki, educate themselves and get up to speed faster.

    Stiki makes employee onboarding simple.

    Beta user here. Jumped early onto it because I realised that all my notes and company details are shattered in my inbox, evernote, trello an…

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  • ChiefOnboarding for Slack

    ChiefOnboarding for Slack is a Slack bot that will onboard your new hires for you. Show items that need to be done. Show some general information. Let them know who to contact and many more!

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  • ChiefOnboarding 2.0

    ChiefOnboarding is a simple solution to onboard your new hires. Onboard them through the dashboard or through Slack. Create Slack and Google accounts for them, award them with badges and let todo items drop in over time. Never overwhelm your new hire with information again!

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  • πŸ€– Onboarding bot πŸ€–

    Hello Product Hunters !

    We've built this powerful bot to ramp up the on-boarding of new team members

    Axel :

    -Helps managers think about everything (buddy, meetings, 30-days goals...)

    -Gives KPIs to HRs

    The set up is done through a meeting

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