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Forward alternatives and competitors

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Forward is a simple, privacy-focused alternative to free URL shorteners. Using human-readable links that only track the amount of times it's been visited, never collecting any data, with URL-screen checking against a curated deny-list.

Top alternatives for Forward

HIPAA Compliance by Secureframe
Easy HIPAA compliance backed by a team of compliance experts
  • Rebrandly

    Create and share links with your custom domain name
  • LinkFox

    2 reviews

    A short link is a powerful marketing tool when you use it carefully. Replace clunky URLs with foxier short links that get more clicks and give you more data about your customers and their behaviors.

    Much better than Bit.ly or Goo.gl.

    Will it remain free forever? What is the monetisation plan.

  • my.new

    1 review
    Make your frequent-visited web pages' URL memorable.
    Now, You don't need to rummage the unorganized bookmarks menu or try to remember long and unmemorizable URLs.
    You can quickly map any URLs to 'my.new/your-own-words'.
  • Short Menu 4.0

    The most powerful URL shortener for iOS
  • Hype Link

    1 review

    I know what you're going to say - another "linking service" lol, but I made made Hype Link because I wasn't satisfied with other services. I run multiple brands/accounts and need to be able to control all of my pages with one link. There are also several other cool features. Feature walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLbErAoXB30

    It’s great And has everything I need to post all my platforms in one place.

  • ST.HT

    1 review
    ST.HT helps you quickly shorten long URLs and provides features like custom alias, password protection, detailed analytics, location & device targeting along with the option to add Facebook and other social media tracking pixels.
  • Take Me There

    This tool is a URL Shortening service powered by Google Apps Script and hosted using Github Pages.
  • GoLinks

    2 reviews

    GoLinks enables your employees to get to frequently used websites faster by replacing long URLs with easy-to-remember go links. Go links belong to you and your organization. Those without access rights cannot view or use them.

    We use golinks to keep track of long, hard to remember links like google docs.

  • CleverLinks

    Free options
    CleverLinks allows you to easily route requests to different destinations based on geographical and datetime logic that you define.