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Fitness Point

Simple app to follow your progress at the gym

11 Alternatives to Fitness Point

Meet your fitness goals by holding yourself accountable.

Lazy Jar uses your Fitbit® to help you organically build a more active lifestyle.

It does this by holding you accountable for the fitness goals you've set for

yourself each week. Whenever you fail to meet these weekly goals, you're penalized a financial amount (which you set yourself).

80% of these penalties are donated to a charity.

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Want to exercise more, but lack motivation? An app called Lazy Jar, aimed at Fitbit owners, may be able to help. The app actually penalizes you a monetary amount if you fail to meet the fitness goals you've set for yourself, in terms of metrics like steps per week, miles walked, or calories burned, for example.
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If B.F Skinner's work into operant conditioning has taught us anything, it's that reward and punishment with behavior conditioning can be incredible motivators. By placing a hungry rat into a box with a lever, also known as a Skinner box, the animal could be taught to exhibit a certain behavior, in this case pulling a lever, when followed with a reward.
The new Fitbit-linked app will keep users' money should they fail to keep their fitness goals Lazy Jar, a new Fitbit-connected app, is seeking to capitalize on the desire for achieving fitness goals in an unconventional way. The app, which has been available for three weeks, is holding users financially accountable for not meeting their own predetermined goa… See more
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Photo: James Porcini/Getty Images​ If you're like most people who use an activity tracker, you're loyal to your wearable. ( A recent study found that 80 percent of people stuck with their device for at least 6 months.) But wearing a fitness tracker and actually using its data to hit activity goals are two different things.
We all probably need to exercise more, but getting the motivation to do so can sometimes be a bit... challenging. That's where Lazy Jar hopes to come in. The new app pairs with your FitBit and charges you cash each time you miss your weekly workout goals.
New Year's is lurking right around the corner and you...
Lazy Jar Is a new app That gives you the chance To add a little zap Lazy Jar harnesses the power of negative reinforcement to reach your fitness goals. You commit to six months to meet your activity goals as tracked by Fitbit, and Lazy Jar monitors your progress each week.
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Workout log & food tracker mobile app

Fitness Lab is the first data-driven fitness planner which combine both workout log and food tracker.

Define your goal, choose a complete training program or create one by yourself. Exercise with the proper technique, log your results, track progress using various metrics. Track your nutrition intake to get the best out of your activities.

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10 Alternatives to Fitness Lab

Fitness Made Simple. Build your Exercise Bank, create workouts with a few taps with Workout Generator, save Favourite Workouts, store PB's and workout notes in the Notebook and build Streaks - keep your streak alive to build consistency in your workout schedule.

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While most people know that physical activity is healthy, it's estimated that about 30% of people worldwide don't get enough ( 1). Unless you have a physically demanding job, a dedicated fitness routine is likely your best bet for getting active. Unfortunately, many people feel that they don't have enough time to exercise ( 2, 3).
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Live outdoor reality rower 🚣‍♂️

Bring the soul-enriching exercise of rowing outdoors into your home. Hydrow's unique Live Outdoor Rowing™ will motivate and inspire through challenging and fun workouts.

🚣86% muscles engaged

🚣2X more muscles than biking or running

🚣Burn up to 400cal per 20-min workout

🚣Functional movement & stretching

🚣Quiet electromagnetic resistance

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