The best alternatives to Keelo are Krew, Fitness Point, and Treeceps for Apple Watch. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Keelo
  • The best independent professionals coaching you with pose correction, class leaderboards, and exercise/meal plans. Get insights on your workouts during live group classes and 1:1s, accessing a Peloton-like experience from any device whatsoever.
  • Simple app to follow your progress at the gym
  • Written in SwiftUI and with 3D exercise animations throughout the app, Treeceps is one of the most impressive Apple Watch apps ever. ⠀ On Series 4 or newer Treeceps provides an experience that you've probably not experienced with any other workout app.
  • Vivafit is AI powered fitness app 🤖
  • Tabata interval timer - training plans included.
  • Meet your personal coach
  • The Callie kit is designed to replicate your favourite workouts from the gym, using just 4 pieces of equipment - includes online guided workouts (HIIT, pilates strength and more). The Callie Kit includes: Long & short resistance band Sliders Skipping rope
  • Just like push-ups, sit-ups and other gym workouts, pelvic floor exercises should be a regular part of men's health. Kratos Kegels for Apple Watch and iPhone is the best way for men to get daily workout reminders to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.