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COVID-19 app on Integromat
Build a workflow with real-time COVID-19 data
Integromat’s free COVID-19 app helps individuals build and automate their workflows with real-time COVID-19 data. The app pulls data about a country’s cases, recoveries, deaths, and more and sends it to any other app or device with ease.
3 Alternatives to COVID-19 app on Integromat

Helping researchers track COVID-19 progression and determine people’s ability to cope with it through heart rate variability. Infected people are invited to share their heart rate variability measurements and data from wearables.

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Can measuring heart rate variability with your smartphone predict the onset of coronavirus? As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread, the FDA has warned consumers against buying at-home testing kits for SARS-CoV-2. As of March 23, the Food and Drug Administration hasn't authorized any self-administered tests.
Only a few thousand people use Bluetooth heart rate monitors with Welltory. The other 98% use their smartphone cameras to take measurements. Thus, ensuring camera measurement accuracy was especially important for us at the development stage. It took us over a year to create a universal cross-platform signal processing library for iOS and Android.
If you've been diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID-19), we welcome and encourage you to participate in this project - it will help researchers study and understand disease progression patterns for COVID-19.
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