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Brave alternatives and competitors

20 reviews
Your old browser was a data vacuum, sucking it up and selling to the highest bidder. Brave welcomes you to the new Internet. One where your time is valued, your personal data is kept private, and you actually get paid for your attention through Brave Rewards.

Top alternatives for Brave

The easiest way to supercharge developer productivity
  • Firefox Quantum

    Firefox Quantum is the newest, fastest version of Firefox yet. Launches November 14, 2017. Available in beta now for all.

    Have been using it for some time now and migrated everything from Chrome. The Firefox Quantum features a great speed improvement, indeed, an…

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  • Sidekick Browser

    Sidekick is a new browser based on Chromium.
    Designed to be the fastest online work experience, its UX is built around the most popular web apps, supports multiple logins, and uses workspaces to keep tab clutter under control.
    And did we mention search?
  • SigmaOS

    24 reviews
    Free options
    SigmaOS is the first browser made for work, designed to make YOU faster and better.
    🗂️ Workspaces to organize your pages and web-apps
    💤 Snooze pages to keep your mind clear
    ✂️ Split screen to multitask like a pro
    Give it a try now: sigmaos.com
  • New Google Chrome

    Chrome is getting a new look today, 10 years after Google’s browser first launched. The new design includes rounded shapes and tabs, a fresh color palette, and updated icons. Google is updating the whole of Chrome to include this new user interface, and altering prompts, menus, and URLs in the address bar to match the new design.


  • Blisk Browser

    3 reviews

    Blisk is the browser that every web developer needs. Blisk is a Chromium-based browser that enables features that your regular browser cannot. You can see how your website or application work on different display resolution, you can prototype, test your product and get notified if there is a bug to fix.

  • F*ckOff

    8 reviews
    So many ads on YouTube!
    Find yourself counting down the seconds until 'Skip Ad' appears on screen?
    FuckOff.yt magically changes 'Skip Ads' to 'F*ck Off'
    It doesn't block ads but it might make you feel better about them
    (and creators still get ad revenue)
  • Vivaldi Browser 2.0

    5 reviews

    Take control of your most important application – the browser – with the most powerful version of Vivaldi yet.

    I am ride or die with this browser. I have used it since beta.

  • Firefox 89

    Going into the Firefox redesign, our team studied how people interact with the browser, observing their patterns and behaviors. We listened to feedback and gathered ideas from regular people who just want to have an easier experience on the web.
  • Colibri

    Modern browser without tabs
  • Homepage

    2 reviews
    Homepage is a fast browser that gets you organized.
    📁 Group your tabs into folders
    🚫 Ad+tracker blocking, using the same engine as the Brave browser
    ⏸️ Automatic tab suspension
    🔎 Globally search across all tabs
    👉 Download here
    ❓Questions? Comment below
  • Elza Browser

    Elza browser is not a replacement for your web browser but a powerful tool when you would like to keep your browsing private.
    Elza is always on incognito with an option to turn on Tor which runs much faster than even the Tor Browser.
    #Minimal #Fast #Private
  • Opera 41

    Faster and better browsing with free VPN
  • Avast Secure Browser - VPN and Adblock

    Avast Secure Browser makes private and secure browsing fast and easy. Automatically blocks ads and trackers that slow you down, features advanced built-in security tools such as VPN and anti-phishing technology, and syncs your history and bookmarks encrypted.
  • Browser Stealth Mode

    Browser Stealth Mode is a chrome extension that lets you browse and watch anything without worrying about who's looking over your shoulder. You can toggle stealth mode in your current tab. Stealth mode includes grayscale, hiding images/videos, and muting tab.
  • CryptoTab

    Try CryptoTab—the world's first browser with mining features. Earn bitcoin without looking up from watching videos, chatting, or gaming online. Join the community of more than 20 million users all over the world already enjoying CryptoTab Browser.
  • TulaByte

    2 reviews
    Free options
    Prevent malicious trackers, spyware (like Pegasus) & badware from weakening your digital privacy. An easy-to-use tool designed to give the user complete control of their data.
  • Zelos

    I just created a chrome extension tool that removes Linkedin Ads or "Promoted" posts.

    I have just been pretty annoyed that 1 in ~10 posts are promoted and decided to create this tool. Feel free to let me know of any suggestions.
  • AdsPower

    AdsPower provides separated browsing environments for each account to protect them from unauthorized browser fingerprinting. It is a "must-have" tool for privacy concious users, as well as online marketing, e-commerce, and web data mining professionals.
  • Legacy Browser

    Legacy Browser is a lighweight browser powered by the decentralized search engine Presearch. Legacy also rewards users with crypto.
    Some of its features are:
    Inverted rendering
    Search suggestion