Alternative products to Azendoo Task Boards

Azendoo Task Boards

A visual layout to track & sync teamwork

Team to-do lists are most powerful when they’re connected to everyone you work with.

Azendoo boards help you visualize and organize your work all in the one place, and switch between views at any moment: lists, boards or calendar

9 alternative and related products to Azendoo Task Boards


Organize anything, together

Trello is a web-based project management application with a beautiful card-based UI.

Nash Whaley- Product manager at WorkonFlow.
Trello, Asana and the rest are great for planning individual/long-term projects but they fall short when comes to managing repeatable processes in your business. Trello offers a lot of flexibility in that you can create a new Kanban board for every task or project, but you sacrifice scalability. A better solution would be a system that organizes processes so… See more
Waseem Aslam- Developer and Starter Upper
I would use Trello it is quite easy to use and its Free too. The best way to approach this is getting into the mindset of splitting up tasks and be diligent in moving items around the board otherwise it can be quite easy to just forget about trello and realise you haven't moved items around but the project has moved along .
Joshua Tab.- Crafting Meja and Walk
Trello is my favorite productivity tool to organize my ideas and classify them
50 Alternatives to Trello


The task management tool, completely redesigned

Nitin Bajaj- Making B2B sales easy via
Help us streamline and structure big project into segments and their delete autosave is so sync.
Bart van Poll- Co-founder @spottedbylocals
It's the 3rd project management tool I've tried, and stuck with it for years now. Very satisfied.
Janett Shields- financial analyst
one of my favorite ones) When I'm planning publications to my tech blog - - I usually use it.
20 Alternatives to Asana

Asana Boards

A simple, visual way to track your team’s work

Nick Neuman- Product at Casa
I've spent a lot of time messing around with different project mgmt software (as I'm sure many people have). I have two takeaways from my own search: 1. I liked Asana the best. It has great ability to scale with the level of depth you need if you are a subscriber and have access to their "Custom Fields" feature. This lets you customize things you need to tr… See more
Amrith Shanbhag- Community at Product Hunt & Feathrd
Simplicity is key.
Kunal Bhatia- Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
In Asana's latest design, you get a kanban board with a lot of character. As you drag and drop cards from one column to another, a little creature pops out of the gap left by that card. It makes you feel good about making progress!
11 Alternatives to Asana Boards


Turn your Evernote into Trello

Save time by getting a quick Kanban view of your notes

Sandoche- Founder of Kanbanote, Maker and Learner!
I use it to Get Things Done in my daily life. It's the best service complementary to Evernote!
Carlos Bernabeu- Serial entrepreneur from Madrid
Very good integration with Evernote, and with the new redesign, the UI is perfect!
Sandoche- Founder of Kanbanote, Maker and Learner!
I built this service and use it in my daily life for GTD purpose combined with Evernote of course. I cannot live without it anymore since 2014!
9 Alternatives to Kanbanote


Manage everything from the smallest tasks

Shayan Samani- Marketing Architect, Delta Air Lines
Absolutely love Favro! Use it for work and personal lives. It's a supercharged Trello! I was using Trello before I saw Favro a year ago on PH! The tool just gives you so much visibility into everything that is going on at a glance and you can see them in a calendar format as well. Trello is doing some awesome stuff and I think Favro capitalized on some of th… See more
Valerio Cirillo
It's a supercharged Trello!
Jonathan Olsson
We use Favro to plan all of our development.
6 Alternatives to Favro
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