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Airmail alternatives and competitors

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Lightning fast mail client for OS X

Top alternatives for Airmail

API-first content federation platform built on GraphQL
  • Polymail

    Polymail is a simple, beautiful, and powerful email client for Mac and iOS. With real-time read-receipts, personalized campaigns, follow-up reminders, contact profiles, and even Salesforce integrations all wrapped in a beautiful UI, Polymail makes your morning email grind effortless.

  • New Gmail

    Google presents the new version of Gmail web with new security and intelligent features. Do more without leaving your inbox, with easy access to apps including Calendar, Tasks and Keep. Smart Reply helps you respond to messages faster.

    Go into settings and select "Try new Gmail"

    Loved the update of Gmail. Keep integration and the speed is so much better now. Can't wait to try it out for a while.

  • Nylas Mail

    The most powerful and extensible email client
  • Mailplane 4

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    Use all your Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Inbox accounts in Mailplane instead of cluttering up your browser window.

    You'll get powerful new mail notifications, "search across accounts", image annotations, Chrome extensions, AppleScript and much more.

    It's the best of both worlds: Gmail's web UI in a specialized native Mac app.

    If you love the Gmail hate that it doesn't offer a native Mac email client, get this!

  • Isotope Mail Client

    Isotope mail client is a free open source webmail application built with a microservice architecture vision in mind.

    As of now, the application is just an MVP offering the basic functionalities of any standard webmail client.
  • SandMails

    SandMails is a Flutter project (new app development framework). Sandmails is a Minimum Viable Product to let you freely organize your emails like an agile board.

    What it can do :

    - it let you connect through GMAIL api (nothing else)

    - it only store your email adress and (id/title) of unread emails (nothing else)