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Find/Build automated way to crosspost between DTube and YouTube

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@peterrossc How are you finding the engagement rates on your DTube content?
@peterrossc @lachlankirkwood So I've actually not had much of a chance to create content for YouTube/DTube as yet. Have some things in the works though. I've seen engagement on DTube to be much lower than YouTube though, which is a given for now. What I'm keen for now, are apps that separate creators from content. For example, having a site/service/app where you can follow the creator and receive updates and notifications on new content regardless of where it's posted, kinda like a modernised RSS feed of sorts. I think if we can get services like that running well with proper decentralised monetisation at the creator level, then it frees people from having to rely on a singular content hosting platform for their income and gives them the freedom to move their content anywhere without starting from scratch. An example of a service like this that is in dev is and Wobbl
@peterrossc Definitely think that's a great concept, although the only barrier to entry might be the need for users/followers to download apps that are deep linked to unique platforms. Will be exciting to follow though, thanks for sharing!