Paresh Mayani

CEO at @SolGuruz | Startup Consultant


🧭 Exploring the horizon of the software industry for 15+ years Pro-tip: By working with me at SolGuruz, you can get a combo of technology + management. We believe in the following: 1) "Once we commit, we deliver it no matter what happens" 2) "Either we do quality engineering or we don't do it at all" 3) "We don't want to waste your nor ours time" SolGuruz is a web, and mobile app development company, we help startups and companies to build web and mobile app products. In this new beginning, we want to work with like-minded partners and clients to build impactful solutions, humble team culture, and an inspirational company. Paresh Mayani, (Email): (Skype): paresh.mayani