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❓ Write Top 10 PH Makers questions(in comments)

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I think it's can help understand how improve some moments of PH Makers :)
@nikolay_siabrenko curious what you mean by questions
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@rrhoover All goals comments start with something like - What about your project/idea/article/app etc. Yes, I understand that it is necessary to start a conversation and show new people how to use this service. My mistake, how I can delete this goal :) Some suggestions for goals page: Add button for attaching project card(Useful when you launch your project) Add the same button for links(When publishing article or something else).
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@nikolay_siabrenko thanks! I just had a chat with @syswarren and @rstankov about this topic. Stay tuned! :)
@nikolay_siabrenko I'm already curious about the final result.
@nikolay_siabrenko where are you going to share them? :)
@satwaya Maybe there in comments, but I don't know already, start it or not :)
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