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Dark mode color palette applied. Love it. https://relaxed-dijkstra-1e8c58....

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@michael_andreuzza I appreciate that you are creating a dark mode. I too love it.
@michael_andreuzza @austinmeta Hey Austin ! Thanks you so much. you can see it here if you want to.Is a copy, not live. I am still working on the main colors. relaxed-dijkstra-1e8c58.netlify .com/ i would appreciate some feedback. Thank you.
@michael_andreuzza This is great! I do wish there was still even the slightest hover effect for the cards throughout the website in dark mode but... hey, this looks great regardless. Love the layout, everything is easy to navigate, I can find all the resources I want, this is really something good you're putting together here. I'm going to start using it if that is allowed! :)
@austinmeta I am really glad you like itaustin. Yeah, at the moment I am making dark mode works everywhere, I still have to fix some spots. Like the font pairings as an example. The bg on dark mode is corrupted. Absolutely go ahead, you will If you use the link i provided you will se some changes all day around. If you want something more stable, but less nice you can use the live version colorsandfonts.com thank you so much Austin!