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Add more font pairing to colorsandfonts.com

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@michael_andreuzza Hey I am new to this platform, and trying to get a feel for it, so have you submitted a finished product or are you just updating the process? We have something we are working on that we are very excited about.
@michael_andreuzza @drew_dunn1 Hey Drew, Welcome to PH I have been here for maybe 2 months? Take a seat and enjoy, you are going to like it. Yes, colors & fonts was submitted and featured on 18 of June. But, because I am flying solo, so I am the one updating the website with new gradients, palettes, and font pairings. I normally update what I am doing with the site so the Makers community knows is updated and getting more content. If there's anything else I can help you with, do not hesitate to ask. Good luck with your project! /mike
@michael_andreuzza @drew_dunn1 Hey dude, thank you so much for the info. I love a community that helps other people. Yeah, so you don't need a to have a finished product to become a maker, you can just update it then continue to work on it etc?
Hey ! No need to thank me. I guess it if works it's fine. I haven't developed a big service still. A lot of makers post their jobs on beta. Do you know Indie Hackers ? If you do not you might like it there. Indiehackers.com
In my case, I have to update the site myself because I want it to be extremely curated. Other similar sites has a Create option, so the user is creating content.